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Only the most durable and highest specification football goal posts are supplied at That is why you will not find Far East flimsy football goals, pop up goals, inflatable goals, and dangerous heavy free-standing goalposts on this site The goal posts we supply have longer warranty because they are better, the fact others cannot match the warranty on ITSA Goal plastic goals shows the obvious difference in quality and longevity. When we and our customers say these football goals are the best and outperform the rest, we mean it. We only sell ITSA GOAL Posts because no other football goals come close when it comes to design, innovation, and longevity. With some of the lowest delivery charges in the UK on the larger football goals you will find our prices and next day delivery hard to beat.  See what customers say about our football goals. As footballers ourselves we design products that work and not goal posts that make work. Plastic goals are quick to install (Football Goal VIDEOS ) and as you can see on match days, they can go up faster than other similar football goals.

Whether you are purchasing goals for the garden, a school, or an affiliated club the ITSA GOAL range is unbeatable and offers the best value for money. We can put our heads on the pillow at night and sleep soundly knowing we sell quality long lasting and safe products. We always put safety above bottom line profits. If you ever need unbiased and in-depth advice, please contact us at any time. We guarantee you will never regret buying our football goals.

Purchasing football goals is a big investment for any club, so it’s advisable to speak with knowledgeable specialists who know what they are talking about and not a “Jack of all Sports”. Whether it’s providing expertise to leading football clubs, or local grass roots teams we always offer clear information and help. For over forty years we have been at the forefront of sports equipment innovation. Functional design at an affordable price is one of the reasons we are recognised as one of the country’s most respected goal post suppliers.

Which football goal is best for you depends on your location, on site storage, the playing surface, the age groups using the goal posts and of course the cost? When looking to buy a good plastic football goals the choice is between extremely basic imported goals or stronger sturdier and better engineered products built in Britain. ITSA Goal plastic goals have been in use without problem now for over thirty-five years. Other plastic football goals have net support stanchions just pushed into holes and not locking in any way to the crossbar or upright posts. Other plastic goals have substantial dips in the middle of the crossbars which is due to the design and the way the nets are pulled around the posts. Unique push in net fixings allow nets to be secured neatly behind the goal frame on ITSA goalposts which helps keep crossbars straight. Every other plastic goal relies on nets being clipped under the ground frame which frays and shortens the life of the goal net. ITSA GOAL and FOOTIE GOAL branded goals include a locking mechanism so that the horizontal top net supports properly locks into place, this design is much better than goals with top stanchions that push in a hole with no locking. The image below shows the difference between the corner brackets.

which plastic goal to choose

The ITSA Goal bracket is on the left. The smaller Striker goal supplied by Smyth’s Toys is in the middle and a samba goal corner brackets is on the right. The Smyth’s toy goalposts have much thinner nets only 1.5mm thick that will just not last. The tubing used is much smaller and weaker with rear net support tubes only 30mm in diameter. This clearly identifies the difference between a toys and proper sports equipment. The picture was taken with the parts side by side, so they are in proportion, and it shows how much smaller the corner bracket of the Striker Toy goal is. The image of the Samba goal corner also shows the large holes in the corner bracket where the net support tubes slot in place. In contrast the ITSAGOAL corner bracket on the left has a separate spigot that is designed to lock in to accept the net support tubes.

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The ITSA GOAL corner moulding has been measured to show a 300% thicker wall than all other competitor's plastic goalposts.


Straighter crossbars, longer life nets, no time consuming and untidy net clipping around front of posts, less post sections, no creased or broken net supports and much quicker installation. Some Junior football clubs spend over £200 a year on Spare parts whereas it is exceedingly rare for ITSA Goal customers to ever require spare parts at all. That is why ITSA GOAL can offer longer warranty. 

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Alloy goalposts are lighter, yet as strong as steel goalposts, which makes them much safer. Football goal posts with a lighter mass are much safer and easier to carry and move around on match days. One big advantage of aluminium goalposts without steel net supports is they never rust. Fully Aluminium Goalposts are normally a little more expensive than steel, but they last longer, are safer, easier to use, and easier to maintain and move around. You can buy aluminium goalpost with steel folding and fixed sides, but these are a little heavier than those made only in aluminium. 

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Steel is used in more open unsupervised areas that may be prone to vandalism. The best type of steel football goals is the lockable ITSA GOAL anti-vandal goal posts. Steel goalposts are normally slotted into the ground. We have never offered or provided steel freestanding movable goals because they are potentially extremely dangerous. We were the first in the industry to encourage clubs to stop using these types of goalposts Lighter safer alternatives in aluminium are available and now at a similar cost so why buy arduous work lumping heavy steel frames about.


Some aluminium and plastic goals can be dismantled after each game, packed into bags, and transported in the back of a vehicle. These are Ideal when you do not have on site storage. One advantage being the removal from site after each game alleviates the wear and tear in penalty areas. From a safety point of view, as these goal posts are taken away after the game, no accidents or vandalism can happen so these goalposts provide total accountability. Unique goalpost anchors that require no digging firmly secure the goals in place. ITSA GOAL portable goals are the number one choice of all the leading football tournament organisations.

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Lockable hinged sided aluminium goals are available that give accountability and security. These goals can be installed quicker than any other similar goal and as the fully welded side frames are locked when in play and when stored they guarantee not to swing in and act like a guillotine during football matches. Stronger yet half the weight of any other folding goalposts available they make light work of setting pitches up on match day. Fully welded Freestanding aluminium goalposts are available in light weight alloy alongside a more expensive range of professional elliptical movable goalposts. All these types of goalposts can be used on grass or artificial playing surfaces. Easy to use wheels systems are available to transport the larger goalposts. 

Self-build aluminium Goalposts. 

A free-standing lightweight aluminium range that has durable plastic corner brackets with industrial nylon fixings for extra strength is an immensely popular alternative to plastic goals. No need any more to tug about heavy steel goalposts that may topple forward at any time and cause significant injury. These goals have the added advantage that they can be left erected through the season but can be taken apart, stored flat and yet are very affordable especially if the unpainted mill finish is chosen. We also offer portable aluminium goals that pack into bags for use on grass, freestanding movable goals and permanently sited goalposts that slide into sockets in the ground. We also offer the same range in a larger Elliptical aluminium extrusion for stadium and adult football. Aluminium fixed position goals are ideal when the football pitch is in the same position, yet posts need to be removed after each game.

Locking Anti-theft Anti-vandal Steel fixed position Goalposts 

We only supply steel goals that are in ground sockets that are concreted in position. ITSA Goal anti-vandal lockable goalposts are available as are old technology nuts & bolt products. Do not be confused with other manufacturers claims of supplying lockable goalposts. The difference is that other lockable goals are not lockable the description may be slightly miss leading as the goalposts only have uprights locked into sockets which can be removed very easily as the crossbar is still only bolted on to the upright which means a simple spanner can be used by anyone to completely dismantle or steal the posts for scrap. Some manufacturers have added padlock cleats to the foot of the upright posts however these may seriously damage grass cutting equipment in the close season when the posts are taken out. Anti-vandal theft goalpost has uprights that twist & lock into the sockets and crossbars are located to the upright and locked which gives total accountability to the key holder. These although a little more expensive than nut & bolt products are fast being introduced on local village football grounds and in local authority recreation grounds when old style goalposts are being updated and replaced. ITSA GOAL patented Anti vandal steel fixed position goalposts are the only fully locking goalposts available that cannot be vandalised or stolen. These are ideal for local authorities because the goal has identical laser cut uprights and any post will fit into any socket and any crossbar can be locked onto any upright. When multiple pitches are stored together it is much easier to assemble the goals each season with identical uprights that fit any crossbar. These goals alleviate the need for councils to make sure the same uprights go in the same socket at the same side of the pitch and in the right side of the goal on every set of posts. We also offer 76 mm/ 60 mm nut and bolt (old technology) steel goals at a lower cost but if you can afford the little extra you will save time and money every year when you must remove them and then reinstate at the start of the season.


Full Size regulation goalpost is 24 x 8' (7.3m x 2.4m).
Larger Youth goals are 21' x 7' (6.4m x 2.1m) 
Smaller youth goalposts are 16' x 7' (4.8m x 2.1m) used in 9v9 football. 
Adult training five-a-side goals 16 'x 4' (4.8m x 1.2m) 
Junior five-a-side 12' x 4' (3.6m x1.2m)
Mini Soccer Goals 12 'x 6' (3.6m x 1.8m) 
Futsal goals 10' x 6'6"(3m x 2m)  
Junior Goal 8' x 6' (2.4m x1.8m) 
Junior goal 6' x 4' (1.8mx1.2m)


which plastic goals to buy
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