Steel goals 21'x7'

We only supply secure fixed position steel football goals in sets of two which includes two crossbars, four uprights and ground sockets. We offer anti-vandal anti-theft lockable steel goal posts for open unsupervised areas and schools. These steel goalposts do not rely on bolts but are locked and can only be removed by key holders. These products were designed  specifically to ensure safer football goals would be used in schools and especially on unsupervised local authority football grounds. These patented lockable totally secure posts are only  available from ITSA Goal posts. These steel football goals are the best  and can be removed and installed ten time faster than posts relying on nuts & bolts. The upright posts are laser cut  and identical and the system enables them to fit into any socket  on any pitch. No need to match up each post to each individual ground socket as with bolted goal posts.


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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 products