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STEEL GOALPOSTS - 21'x7' YOUTH - Anti vandal lockable
STEEL GOALPOSTS - 21'x7' YOUTH - Anti vandal lockable
STEEL GOALPOSTS - 21'x7' YOUTH - Anti vandal lockable
STEEL GOALPOSTS - 21'x7' YOUTH - Anti vandal lockable
STEEL GOALPOSTS - 21'x7' YOUTH - Anti vandal lockable

Product Description

The Football Association recommended football goal for exposed 9v9 football pitches. This steel football goal conforms to BS EN 16579:2018 the current European safety standard for goalposts. This 16' x7’ (4.8m x 2.1m)' football goal is the only secure fixed position vandal proof goalpost available in the UK. This patented fixed position football goal is made by ITSA GOAL and cannot be tampered with or removed without the key holders consent.

A safe fast and reliable system that offers security and accountability. Interchangeable goalpost uprights and crossbars make them easier to install, easier to store and safer to use. Designed specifically for football clubs and local authorities who have multiple sets of fixed position goalposts.  Other goal post manufacturers offer anti-vandal football goal posts however, these still rely on nuts & bolts and anyone with a spanner can remove them. You need the key to remove these goalposts. 

Included:  A single goal with arrowhead net fixings, twist & lock ground sockets, plastic socket caps, locks, and spare keys.

Optional extra:
Net supports that slide into position on the crossbar, not the uprights. These deter children from climbing onto the crossbar and allow greater tension to be applied to the net head cord. They can be left on the goal or easily removed after each game.

Optional extras:  Top-quality goal nets, White PVC tape to protect paintwork at the base of football uprights from grass-cutting equipment and goalkeeper's boot studs. Ground socket plugs to secure the sockets when the posts are removed in the summer months. Ideal on exposed sites where vandalism may be a problem. 

We also supply White PVC tape to protect paintwork at  base of football posts from grass cutting equipment and goalkeepers boot studs.Place this tape around the foot of goalposts uprights to protect paintwork. - Football Goal upright protection tape

A surcharge may be added to the delivery price shown by the web site as this is generated on weight not distance from our factory however a two-section crossbar may be an option to reduce delivery charges.


Goal post Material
Steel 76mm dia
Goalpost type
Socketed Football Goals
Age Group
Youth 13yrs +
Goal Post Size
21' x 7' - 6.40m x 2.13m
Goal weight
Over 45 kg
Product Made to Order
Goalpost Safety Standard
BSEN 748:2013+A1:2018
Itsa Goal
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