Stadium Goalposts

The strongest aluminium goal posts made to conform to law one of the game (FIFA) and the latest European goalposts safety standards. If you are looking to buy new football goals for your stadium they need to conform to the new F.I.F.A. regulations. Elliptical posts now required to be orientated with the shortest side facing the pitch and the longest across the touchline. Many companies are still selling oval goal posts that do not conform so please check before you buy. The stadium goal posts we sell conform and are the lightest yet strongest elliptical stadium football goals available.They offer a slightly wider touchline which is ideal for televised matches. The goalposts do not require nuts or bolts as they lock securely together and are virtually maintenance free. Flush locking socket caps are provided with each goal. (much better than drop in lids). A simple incremental system enables the goal to be raised easily without removal of the posts. Uprights include locking pins to prevent unauthorised removal. Box shaped or standard run back goal nets can be used. Various net supports posts and hinged ground frames are available to raise nets after each game. These football goals have no steel bolts or brackets and are totally rust proof.


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