Roller Goal 24'x8'

We supply numerous football goals that can be  moved around on wheels. We do not supply flip over wheel systems as these buckle over and eventually become unusable. Customers just need to visit any sports centre to see such goalposts that have been in service for more than twelve months to see exactly why we do not supply them. Instead we have various systems to move goalposts.  We have rear wheels fitted to ground back frames that engage with the slightest lift of the uprights and wheels that disengage from the goalposts. The roller goalpost have separate handles, that fit in the pocket, and can be slotted in position at any comfortable height to lift the goals. These are a much better option than free standing goals with heavy rear rollers that entangle goal nets. More popular are the slot in upright wheels that are used on our folding goals and the standard freestanding goals. One set can move numerous goals which saves money as you do not need to buy wheels for every football goal. On the folding goals they can actually allow the goalpost to be driven into position and are very maneuverable. The standard freestanding goals allow wheels to be slotted into the upright posts and lifted from the rear to push or pull into place. Finally we offer goal post dollies which can be used to move any goalpost sideways ,backwards or forwards safely into position. For more detailed information about the best system for you particular site please call our goal line 0114 242 4244.


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