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Aluminium Goalposts - Self Weighted Roller Goalposts 

Self weighted football goals are ideally to be used on flat artificial surfaces. The self weighted versions have integral heavy weights in the ground frame to safely counter balance the goals. The Itsa Goal Post branded roller goals can be wheeled into different play positions with an easier to move rolling ground back bar. This particular roller goal is more manoeuvrable than other types and the wheels are at the back of the goal out of the players area during a game; safer than wheels at the side of the upright posts.

Roller goals without integral weights for use on grass pitches

We also manufacture a roller goal without the integral weights, making the goalpost  lighter and practical to move over grass muddy undulating surfaces as found at some grass roots facilities in winter months. As an alternative to the counter weight this type of goal can be quickly anchored using multi-surface anchors supplied with the goals.

Photograph demonstrates the 24'x8' self weighted roller goal being moved on an artificial surface. Please visit our dedicated goalpost video channel for demonstrations of our aluminium goals

aluminium goals with wheels