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Mini Soccer Goal :: ITSA GOAL uPVC 12'x6' Goals
Mini Soccer Goal :: ITSA GOAL uPVC 12'x6' Goals
Mini Soccer Goal :: ITSA GOAL uPVC 12'x6' Goals
Mini Soccer Goal :: ITSA GOAL uPVC 12'x6' Goals
Mini Soccer Goal :: ITSA GOAL uPVC 12'x6' Goals

Mini Soccer Goal ITSA GOAL uPVC (Pair of Goals) - 12 x 6

The only plastic football goal strong enough to give a THREE-YEAR GUARANTEE THE PRICE IS FOR TWO GOAL POSTS - Approved for Football Association Mini Soccer matches.

The Mini Soccer  goals out perform any other comparable plastic goalposts and are for the discerning Junior football club who only want the best  for their youngsters.The multi-surface Mini-Soccer goal measures 3.6M x 1.8M (12' x 6') and is made from heavy duty environmentally friendly high impact uPVC tube. This version is supplied with a single section crossbar, uprights and ground frames - they are stronger, sturdier and much quicker to install. If you need a mini soccer goal to be quickly dismantled after the game then this is the goal  for you as it can be installed or taken down in under a minute. The goalpost side frames can be left with the net attached, and on match days the frames simply pull apart to allow the crossbar and back ground frame to be quickly fitted. -  (see timed video below) The ITSA Mini Soccer goals have unique  'Arrowhead Net Fixings' for neat fixing of goal nets to the rear of the posts and unique ground frame fixings not found on any other goal. The quickest and neatest way to fit nets on any goalpost. No need for time consuming clips with nets around front of posts pulling crossbars down. These fixings extend the life of the net and lift on and off with ease and are only found on ITSA Goal posts. All of the goal frame is locked in place including the rear net support stanchions and unlike other uPVC goalposts they do not come out  when the goal post is moved or footballs hit the frame. A longer lasting top quality net  is included with every goal and add on extensions to increase the size of the football goals as children grow are also available. A Superior British product that is  "Made in Sheffield",  a goal that is easy and safe to use, competitively priced and has an unmatched manufactures warranty. The longer crossbar section does incur a higher delivery charge but it is well worth the extra cost as it will save hours on match day installation. Conforms to the latest safety standard.







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Scottish Highlands and offshore will incur a delivery charge. When you checkout select your delivery area and the costs will be displayed prior to making payment. UK Mainland times are normally 1-3 days; for highlands etc, this may extend to 5-7 days.   please allow time for order processing and contact 0114 2424244 if you have a Birthday or specific date. *Guarantee is subject to terms & conditions 
  • Goal weight:
    Goalposts Under 18kg
  • Goalpost type:
    Freestanding Football Goals
  • Goal post Material:
    Plastic Goal Posts
  • Goal Post Size:
    12 x 6 Football Goals
  • Age Group:
    Childrens Football Goals
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Your service from ordering to delivery is reliable and prompt and is very much appreciated. We have over recent years purchased several sets of goalposts, promoted and introduced schools to the mini-goals resulting in several purchases. Shortly we will once again be requesting more sets of goalposts for our 1996 spring/summer holiday programs.

Shaun Selby - Football Development Officer | Wakefield | February 2016

Several years ago I purchased one of your uPVC MINI SOCCER GOALS measuring 12' x 6'. It has been a great purchase, much loved by my twelve and nine year old sons.

Rod Palmer | UK | February 2016

I have used the football goals for the last five years and I am sure they will go on for at least another five years. When our ground is set up for the Saturday morning Mini-Soccer sessions it looks totally professional and is appreciated by all concerned, especially the footballers. They enjoy the ball hitting the back of the net, rebounding back in to play off the goalposts uprights and crossbar and the ‘keepers prefer defending football goals rather than cone.

Steven Bullows, Gorton Eagles F.C. | Manchester | February 2016

I find your goals far superior to Samba goals and the shape is just fantastic. Lots of clubs have enquired about these goals as Samba Goals just don’t look the same and don’t feel of the same quality. The arrow shaped hooks certainly makes the goals stand out from the rest as it looks like an aluminium goal from a distance. As a premium football coaching product we are very pleased to have such high quality goals at our ground.  JAN 2012

Johan Oosterling   Dutch Football Academy   | Bromley | March 2016

Inflatable goals – If we do have any left kicking-around anywhere, sling them in the skip awful product;  Lucky to get them to stay up for an hour, never mind all day.So for U8’s, U9’s and U10’s  rigid plastic goals that can be transported to the tournament are best and most cost effective. All our coaches & managers at Henfield U9’s feel that  ITSA GOAL posts are by far the best quality & comparative value for money (cheap for what they offer). They take only an instant to set-up if purchased & utilised in a similar form to the U9’s compared to anything else on the market such as Samba Goals. .. I’m not connected to the Company that make them; but having visited their factory in Sheffield and having previously done bundles of research & comparisons before purchasing, I can vouch for endorsing what the U9’s have. So on that basis, I would recommend the high Impact PVC ITSAGOAL posts.The reason that the U9’s goals go up/down in two minutes is because we purchased one-piece crossbar and back-bar and keep the end-triangle side frames erected with net  this one; PVC Mini Soccer Goal   the ‘best’ option (operationally) is the one-piece bars, ready-erected triangles ; but this means the goals need to be stored on site or at home and transported to matches in a suitable vehicle but worth the effort in time saved on the day.  If you cannot transport the one section goal posts to the site then exactly the same goal, but in a  bag which most clubs are  familiar with is available.Obviously this takes longer to set-up/take down by comparison. ITSA GOAL make much stronger and better bags that unlike other goal bags that need two people one person can carry with lateral and horizontal support straps, buckles and a zip to ensure parts are not lost.  The reason I ask whether the Club wants to just look at the tournament in the most-cost effective way or if there is genuine intent to invest in goals that they have a need for the future; is that Itsagoal also make  a  budget version called their “FOOTIEGOAL Range” (possibly plenty strong enough for the one weekend tournament [but discuss with John of Itsagoal regarding the age groups, anchorage etc]) and very cheap.  

 When you have mulled things over, I think that the best option would be for you to speak to John Wilson  MD at Itsagoal; he is far better placed to give you all the options and advise what is perhaps best for the decided specific requirements of your tournament. (he’ll give you straight and honest answers) all the major tournament organizations use this company.  John Wilson 011 42 42 42 44 or (mobile 0797 47 45 768)

 Andy - Henfield U9’s | Henfield, UK | March 2016

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