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Mini - soccer Portable football pitch - Low Level
Mini - soccer Portable football pitch - Low Level
Mini - soccer Portable football pitch - Low Level
Mini - soccer Portable football pitch - Low Level
Mini - soccer Portable football pitch - Low Level

Product Description

Mobile football pitch and multi use games area designed for permanent locations or for mobile installation.The Portable football pitch is manufactured in three meter sections that can be supplied with or without a top netted section in any combination of panels.When assembled an arena can be used for football and other multi use games & activities depending on the playing surface. The MINI SOCCER ARENA is ideal for small sided football matches, basketball in line hockey and other games The Sports Arena can be supplied in any size and with any of our goalposts and is Ideal for use at special sports events, at football academies and schools, Junior and senior football clubs and any location where the activity needs to be in a controlled area.

Spiked areas for use on grass are available or freestanding systems for use on hard standing areas with spectator walkways if required. The main difference between our system and others is that the net is supported at the top between the support poles preventing it from dipping in the middle and nets can be provided for each section making them easier and quicker to fit. The added advantage of this net system is that if you damage any of the nettings you only need to replace a small section and not the whole side.

A lightweight yet strong football pitch enclosure that is constructed from a 70mm diameter aluminum in three-meter wide panels. The individual sections are lightweight, easy to carry, easy to use, and quick to install. Any of the stadia arenas can be installed and dist mantled very quickly.

The aluminum section supporting the rebound boards locks into a “T” connector to support the top rails and the net support poles above. The rebound surround sections are 3M wide which supports a standard two-meter frame above to support the surrounding net. Each end of the play area accepts a Mini Soccer 12’ x 6’ Goal that can be an integral part of the frame as shown on the diagram or can be manufactured to create an opening for the goal to slide into which is what we recommend which allows access into the court via the goal aperture. 

The Arena rebound boards slide into each section support and are then bolted for added strength. The system allows for the Arena to be dismantled completely into tubes and boards for long term storage or left intact with the in low 3M panels. If a trailer is purchased with the arena the parts can be built up and stored inside the unit ready for use.

The arena surround net is hung from the top rail of the support sections by our patented arrowhead fixing and is secured at intervals to the upright support poles with our releasable nettie. This surround net is easy to fit and is supplied in manageable sections. This method of fitting the surrounding net ensures the net does not dip at the top and the weight of the net is fully supported and hung square .(the only arena to offer this innovative design. feature) The net lifts on and off with ease and is fully secured at the top around the full perimeter of the enclosure which extends the life of the netting. As the arena has top rails it enables basketball hoops to be fitted at each end making the area more adaptable for other sports other than just football. The Arena sides have unobtrusive support legs that are attached to the upright supports. Any of our goals can be supplied however we recommend our one section 70mm aluminum goals which can be installed in under a minute. The goalposts and nets if required can be neatly packed away after use into a strong secure carry bag.

We offer an optional spectator standing area to locate around the outer perimeter of the Arena which when laid covers the supports. Spectators on the decking also help support the counterbalance action when the football pitch is in use. The surround is especially useful in wet and muddy conditions. A full and detailed exploded diagram is supplied to make installation easy for anyone. Different types of flooring other than grass can be also be used with the Arena

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Mini - soccer Portable football pitch - Low Level

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