Local Authority Goal Posts

ITSA Goal posts offer Market leading safety and Innovation. Lockable aluminum stadium goals, numerous freestanding football goal options for artificial grass pitches and steel anti-vandal goalposts for exposed football pitches. ITSA Goal make the only lockable anti-vandal football goals which are the number one choice of councils who have numerous football pitches. The goals are designed specifically for exposed fixed position council football pitches and school playing fields. Sturdy steel goalposts that have laser cut uprights locked in place that cannot be removed or damaged by vandals.
Others steel goals just drop into sockets and crossbars are secured with bolts and can be dismantled by anyone. When these bolts eventually rust up the goal frames are often lifted out intact which has proved in the past to have fatal consequences. It is impossible for steel ITSA Goal posts to be removed intact in this way. The obvious additional safety aspects of these types of locking football goalposts are the fact that a key holder determines how and when they can be removed. The most important reason is financial as the goal posts can be taken down and re-assembled much quicker than nut & bolt steel goal posts. Unlike standard bolted posts any upright can be fitted into any ground socket whereas bolted posts require the same post in the same socket at the right side of the pitch and the right side of the goal on every goalpost. Okay if you have one pitch but a problem when you have multiple pitches on one or more sites. Mix up one post and bolts will not be aligned and that is why you often see so many without any bolts at all. The Anti-vandal lockable steel Goalposts are independently tested to the latest goalpost safety standard BS EN748 :2018
The Only Secure Fixed Position Football Goalposts
Do not be misled with anti-vandal claims from other manufacturers that have copied the locking upright concept as these goalposts still rely on nuts and bolts to secure crossbars to uprights. Such football goals can be undone and tampered with by anyone at any time as they are not locked in place. The Anti-vandal goal post is fast becoming the preferred choice for local and district councils with exposed football grounds. A feature available only to these goal posts is the flush steel locking ground socket plugs that prevent rubbish being placed inside the ground sockets when the posts are removed. This type of goal post is available for all age groups.

Full size Steel Goalposts 24'x8'     
Youth size Steel Goalposts 21'x7' 
Youth size Steel Goalposts 16'x7'   
Youth size Steel Goalposts 12'x6'