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What to look for when buying KIDS FOOTBALL GOALS:
The first thing to consider is that the football goals are safe. Check if they are to manufactured to  the correct goalpost safety standard BSEN 16579:2018. Goalposts to this standard are proper goalposts and not Toys. Avoid cheap Far East imports if at all possible as these may have cancer causing chemicals in the plastics used. Most low cost football goals also use poor quality goal nets that just do not last. They sell on the basis that customers will not return the products as it costs more to return them than the initial cost of the product.  This is why landfill is growing in the UK as Far Eastern throw away products end up in them. "Made in China buried in Britain".

We strongly recommend that you never use heavy freestanding football goals around children as these are dangerous and have caused many serious accidents and fatalities. Lightweight steel toy goals are available but these eventually rust and all have nets on them that do not last. They look flimsy and they are and do not take the hard work expected of goalposts. For small gardens and for children starting playing the 6'x4' goal is the best size. For older children in a small garden we would suggest the 8'x6' goal post size.  Often the 8'x6' goal can be extended as children grow up to 12'x6'. It is possible to buy goals for use on grass which are anchored down and freestanding goals with ground frames that can be easily moved around,these are normally referred to as match goals. If you are erecting the goal and leaving it up then pay a little more for delivery of a one section crossbar that way you will have a stronger goal that is quicker to install and store. Never forget buy cheaply and you will buy again. You will find if you pay a little more your football goals will also required little to no maintenance. Do not be fooled by trick photographs that try to make the post tube look bigger than they actually are. Check the strength of the mouldings and make sure you buy from a reputable established brand that can offer back up service, replacement parts and nets. Most Far East imports sold from large retailers do not offer this and once the goal or net is damaged then its destiny is landfill. The final consideration should be the strength of the product, the engineering design and the warranty of the goal posts. If extended guarantees are offered than that is a good sign that the product will outlast that guarantee.

Football goals size of the play area.
The size of your garden is an important factor to consider when choosing your kids football goals. If you only have a small area, there is no point in choosing a goal which is too large. Always measure the space you have before ordering kids goalposts on line. Goal sizes traditionally are shown in feet and inches and not metres so make sure you check.

Age of the football player
The Football Association recommends the following for organised matches:
Goal Post size Guide for Kids Football Goals
Under 7-8 years old  Format 5v5  - Goal size 12''x6'  ( 8'x6' is also a popular size)
Under 9-10 years old Format 7v7  - Goal size 12''x6'
Under 11-12 years old Format 9v9  - Goal size 16''x7'
For Older Children and Teenagers:
Under 13-14 years old  Format 9v9 or 11v11  - Goal size 21'x7'  
Under 15-18 years old Format  11v11 - Goal size 24'x8'
For Adult Games:
Under 18 years old + Format  11v11 - Goal size 24'x8'

The type of kids football goals
If the goal is to be used at home and needs to be left outside all year round, we would recommend a weatherproof plastic or aluminium football goal. Some goalposts are made in multiple sections so they pack in bags and can be stored after games. If you intend to leave kids goals outside we would recommend a single section crossbar. The less sections the goal has the more rigid and straight the crossbar will be, particularly on goals twelve foot wide an above. 

Goal Post Safety - (Avoid Heavy Steel Freestanding Goals)
It is important the football goals you choose comply with the relevant safety standards for football goals. Many companies are quoting BS 8462, please note this standard was withdrawn in 2014 and any product to this standard may not be safe. All goalposts should conform to BS EN 16579:2018. The main safety aspect to consider when buying goals is that the lighter the goals the safer they are around children especially the very young. For more information on goalpost safety standards please visit the kids football goals and  the goalpost safety information page click here.

Strength of the Goalposts
The goals you chose should be of a solid construction and include a Guarantee ideally longer than one year. The nets should be 2.5mm thick and be weather and rot proof or they will perish. The opening mesh should be no more than 100mm square to prevent children's head entrapment. You will see ITSA GOAL corners are 300% stronger than the nearest other goal post plastic corner. many plastic goal do not secure the net support tubes to the goal frame and these often crease or bend out od shape.Always look for goals that secure net supports to the goal frame.- take a look at the video of the Kids football goals assembly and the close up of the goalpost corner brackets and Kids football goal- plastic football goal fitting instructions before you decide.

Goal Maintenance
In general kid’s goalposts will need little maintenance. A quick wipe down once a year with hot soapy water is all that is needed.  A very good tip is to place your net into a washing bag- zipped to protect washing machines and wash the net at 40 degrees and the net will come up like new. Nets can be nibbled by rabbits and rodents so if your location is prone to rabbits it is advisable to always lift netting off the ground after use. If this is not possible then we advise that a paste of mustard and pepper be rubbed onto the nets in the affected areas of the net at ground level.

Goalpost Guarantee
The longer the warranty the better the product. Pay a little more and you will not be buying again and again. ITSA Goal offer the longest goalpost manufacturers warranty and that why we sell them We have no trouble at all. check the genuine reviews. You will notice these are much more detailed than those on other sites that use paid company's to collect customer comment. ITSA GOAL Goalpost Guarantee information

Should you have any queries regarding kids football goals please either email or click on the CHAT button on the bottom right of the page, you can leave a message of receive LIVE real time help ,
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