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There are plastic goals and then there are ITSA Goal posts. Simply better by design and with stronger straighter crossbars, better nets, and longer warranty. Football goals "Made in Sheffield" by the oldest plastic goalpost manufacturer in the world. A strong, sturdy, and safe goalpost made in high impact environmentally friendly plastic. This is the Football Association recommended football goal for small sided 7v7 games and has a single section straight crossbar. They cost a little more due to the shipping of one section crossbars, but the small additional cost is well worth it. The goal net is lifted on and off with ease, no wrapping nets around and under the posts. The only fully locking plastic football goal with net support tubes secured to the goal frame.(Not just pushed into a hole) A quality thicker and longer lasting white net is included and extensions to increase the size of the goal post as children grow are also available. A lot more goal for a little more money!
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  • Goal weight:
    Under 18kg
  • Goalpost type:
    Freestanding Football Goals
  • Goal post Material:
    High impact PVC
  • Goal Post Size:
    12 x 6 Football Goals
  • Crossbar Type:
    One Section
  • GTIN:
  • Age Group:
    Football Goals for Juniors under 11
  • Age & Game:
    Juniors under 11
  • MPN:
  • Brand:
    Itsa Goal Posts
  • Product Code:
  • Weight:
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Finally I would just like to say that the children of North Petherton have been using your football goals for many years and it has given them hours of enjoyment.

Nic Woodrow | North Petherton Memorial Park F.C. | February 2016

Hi Soccertackle,   I just wanted to email and tell you how fantastic the ITSA GOAL  post has been  that we purchased from  We purchased the goal two years ago for my son's birthday and it has been amazing compared to the flimsy goals we have purchased before from a commonly known brand.

Our Soccertackle goal is stored on hooks outside all year and we must say how impressed we have been that the goal has not deteriorated from its new condition, even through rain, snow and sun! the net is as new, still a brilliant white!

My son's are now 12 and 14, they both have a strong kick on them and the goal post has responded well. Previous football goals we have used can not withstand a strong whack with a football, often falling apart, but the Soccertackle goal post has been rock solid... Having the single piece crossbar is a winner too, as the goal remains in a goal shape, unlike our previous football goals which bowed to form a very none-goal shape!  Thanks for creating and providing such a great football product.

Best regards

Russell Whiting   | UK | March 2016

It’s my little ones birthday on Wednesday you see so that's excellent news. I myself am excited because when I was 13 my parents bought me an “its a goal” post so to be ordering the same thing from the same company twenty six years later on is brilliant

Thanks Andrew - Thank you for your help

Regards YNFA

Mark Abrams | UK | April 2016

Hi, just an update, my son loves his new goaly nets. He said it’s the best nets he has ever had. Excellent service, and quality product. Thank you very much.

Pauline Muirhead | Fife Scotland | April 2016

Hi Georgina.

As we discussed please see my product review.

Stage 1.

My son started to play football at a very early age, and for Christmas 2009, (age 3), I wanted to get him a set of goalposts. Safety and quality were at the top of my requirements plus of cause budget. Having done my usually in depth research I stumbled on a local business called "Its a Goal". I was lucky that being local, I could visit the offices and really look closely at the product.

During this experience it was clear to see that the product was yes more expensive, but far superior in both make and safety to other brands such as Samba Goals. The staff were extremely helpful and knowledgeable about their own product and the current market competition. I duly made my purchase of my 4x8 "its a goal", and the rest is history......

Stage 2.

My son was loving his "Its a Goal", and we shared hours of fun, practising penalties and recreating goals we had seen on "Match of the Day". I wanted to further my sons understanding of the football game, and so 3 years on we purchased our 2nd 4x8 "Its a Goal".This went down a storm for my sons 6th Birthday Football Party. 10 kids having the game of their lives!!!! After that perfect time, we used the goals as part of our training drills, and highlighting the importance of attacking and defending skills in a game. This has really assisted my sons development massively.

Stage 3.

New upgrade...... Now my son is u10's now, new ball (size4), so I thought new Goal!!!! Back to "Its a Goal". I purchased the 6x12 junior goal. Yes it cost about 150.00 pounds but having had my experience with '"Its a Goal" that isn't too expensive. The quality of the product is incredible. The goals are left out in all weathers, and the only thing that I have had to repurchase is one net and some pegs for the goal. No twisting or bending of the goal frame like Samba, easily cleaned and maintained, this product is the best!!!!!! My son can now continue his development of skills, and create some fantastic training drills with his 3 goal set up. Hours and hours of fun, brilliant product, hassle free, great customer service, and now the goal is bigger I may even score!!!!!!!!

Thank you for everything Georgina you and the team have been amazing for us. Might need a new net so see you soon.

Kind regards Barrett

September 2016.

BARRETT WOOD-NOBLE | Rotherham | September 2016

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