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Goal posts made by Itsa Goal Posts Ltd  in the U.K; the Market leader in safety and Innovation in football goal posts. Tested to Safety standard BS 8462.  Goalposts are manufactured in strong 76mm Diameter Steel.

The package includes two goals a quality set of braided knotted nets, black industrial nylon arrowhead net fixings on uprights and crossbars, lockable uprights, lockable crossbars, plastic socket caps, quick release D net support brackets and safety ground pegs.

A secure goal post that includes a lockable single section crossbar. It is impossible to be lifted out and removed without the key holders consent. This is a patented goalpost invention and only available from ITSA GOAL and associated goalpost distributors. Other goal posts have tried to copy the locking upright system we introduced but competitors goals still have nut and bolts holding the crossbar in place so anyone with a basic spanner can remove and lift these goals out. Do not be confused by secure non lifting claims of other goal manufacturers, these types of goals can be easily removed by anyone. The only non lifting goal posts are the anti vandal ITSA GOAL products. Our steel goal posts are Anti-theft, the only goals that are truly Anti-theft.  

A football goal that offers much more than other goal manufacturers basic products that either just are inserted in ground sockets or have uprights that twist in ground sockets and do not have the locking mechanism as seen on ITSA GOAL Anti vandal goals. Crossbars secured to these types of uprights can still have nuts and bolts removed by vandals who could leave them in a dangerous and unsafe state and therefore can't claim to be Anti-theft.  This can not happen with our Patented anti vandal goal as the uprights and crossbars are locked in place and can only be removed with the key holder's consent.

The crossbars and laser cut uprights are identical and interchangeable, a useful feature for the installers of the goals and they are also easier to store. These goals were designed specifically for local authorities who have numerous uprights and crossbars on multiple pitches. The crossbar is strengthened to meet the strength tests of EN 748/BS8462 and crossbar corners have a double weld and are electro plated to help protect hidden welds against corrosion. These corners give an extended life and are designed to take the most vigorous use. 

Another new innovation is the way the net supports are secured to the crossbar allowing as much tension for the net head cord as needed to fully lift the roof of the net (no more steel flimsy net supports bending inwards as soon as you tension them). The net supports are designed so that they can be left in position on the goal frame or they can be easily removed after each game with the goal nets. This additional feature helps prevent vandals from climbing on the goal frame (this is particularly important in high risk areas). 

The anti vandal goal post is fast becoming the preferred choice for local and district councils with exposed football grounds.

For local authorities or exposed sites flush locking ground socket plugs and key are available as an optional extra. They provide the best locking secure ground socket available anywhere.

It is advisable to check time-scales if you have specific matches planned. There may be a delivery surcharge on delivery due to long journeys and also possible congestion charges. We can advise at the time of ordering, please call or email for further information.

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Goal Post Size
16' x 7' - 4.88m x 2.13m
Goal post Material
Steel Football Goals
Age Group
Youth 13yrs +
Goalpost type
Socketed Football Goals
Goal weight
Goalposts Over 45 kg
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GOALPOST PACKAGE - Anti Vandal - 16 x 7

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