Goalpost grants are available from the football foundation. ITSA GOAL POSTS Limited have been a supplier of match quality football goalposts to the Football Foundation for over thirty years. Safe and strong football goals with longer warranty.


 Please either telephone us on 0114 242 4244 or email accounts@itsagoal.net with the goalposts required and we can email you the quotation by return.  For more information on applying for Football Foundation funding please visit ww.footballfoundation.org.uk

The Football foundation offer grants to support football. For more information and to check eligibility visit the link below  CLICK HERE

The Basic Goalpost Grants Available at the moment

FULL-SIZE ADULT & YOUTH GOALS - SIZE 24'X8' AND 21'X7'- the maximum grant amount is £1200 per set of goalposts.

YOUTH 9v9 GOALS – SIZE 16'X7' A maximum grant amount of £900 per set.

MINI SOCCER GOALS – SIZE 12'X6' A maximum grant amount of £900 per set of goalposts

FUTSAL GOALPOSTS SIKZE 3M X 2M - maximum grant amount of £600 per set of goalposts

A grant of 75% of cost up to the maximum grant value in each category. Grants exclude vat

Perimeter Pitch Fencing Grants & Ball Stop Netting Funding is also available

We have been supplying football pitch surround fencing for over twenty years. Grants of up to £25,000 may be awarded. Normal grants are up to 75% of the value of the project. We supply barriers for all levels of the football pyramid.


It is important to apply for a grant and be accepted before you order your goalposts or groundwork's. We can advise you on the best goalposts for your location - Call our office or email -  sales@itsagoal.net

Telephone 0114 242 4244
www.itsagoal.co.uk - football goal store


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Association Football is by far the most popular sport in the world and many young children adopt the game at an incredibly young age.  This love of the game is often passed down from grandfather to father to Son.  The place where the skills of the game are learned is often in the local park or at home. In bygone days" jumpers for goals" where the norm until our company introduced the very first safe plastic football goals for children. Grassroots football goals that could be used anywhere anytime. Many copies of our concept have subsequently been made but none have bettered the original mini soccer goals from ITSA GOAL. The easiest way to see the difference between our plastic football goal and the rest is the crossbar, if its straight its ours if it's dipping it is not an ITSA Goal.  When someone copies an original idea, they can only ever be seen as second best and no more so than with plastic football goals. 
This site offers the safest and best football goals for home use, grassroots football, and professional clubs. Whether you have a large or small garden you will find a garden goal on this site that will not only last longer but will look attractive in your garden.  On this website, you will not find football goals with dipping crossbars, goals with nets pulled around the posts to fray or low-quality plastic goal imports that only increase landfill in the U.K. If you want engineered football goals that last not only you but your children's children, then you need to look no further than ITSA goal posts. Football goals for children and football goals for Dads.

Football Goals for the smaller garden

Portable garden goals can be supplied in carrying bags to allow them to be set up on the beach, in the park or down at the local club.  When garden goals are to be left up in the garden then single section posts are a better option as they are quicker to assemble, they are stronger and much sturdier. Excellent long-lasting products are available but there are many badly engineered inferior quality garden goals around so invest wisely. 

Goals for the larger Garden

Larger goals are available for gardens and include the popular youth 16'x7' plastic goals used in the 9v9 game. These are also available supplied in a lightweight aluminum self-build option which is a popular choice at junior football clubs. A full range of other safe lightweight freestanding and fixed position football goals are available.   

Top Quality goals "Made in Sheffield" and supplied directly to the customer with no middlemen allows us to give better-engineered products at the most competitive price. If you want unbiased help or advice at any time, please just give us a call or click on the contact us page where you can email queries.

Goal Information

We offer the strongest high impact UV stabilized match quality club goals as well as a range of budget long lasting plastic garden goals. We are the official suppliers of the easy-to-use patented ITSA GOAL folding lightweight Aluminum football goals as well as an extensive range of other aluminum goals. We offer the only true anti-vandal / anti-theft fixed position steel football goals and lockable alloy stadium goalposts. A new safe and lightweight range of European goalposts will also be available in line with the new safety standard EN 1659 due to be released later in the year. Football goals shown on this site are priced individually unless stated with the word (PAIR) in the product title and all include VAT at the current rate. Delivery and carriage vary depending on the location and type of goalpost required. Full size adult one section crossbar goal posts normally have a surcharge added to the delivery shown as these may need to be delivered by our own transport. 

Plastic goalposts are normally in stock and can be dispatched next day if the order is received before mid-day.  We send products out as quickly as we can however, we ask that you please allow time for order processing. Goalposts in stock are normally sent out by a next day carrier the day after we receive the order. This means they will, in the main, arrive with the customer the day after we ship the goalpost. Aluminum and steel goalposts are made to order, and delivery times can change dependent on the time of year, but normal delivery is between ten to fourteen days. (this varies at contrasting times of the year).  Please allow plenty of time when ordering football goals for unforeseen delays.

Understand goalposts within the rules of football.

Within Law one of the rules of Association Football the information about goal posts is set out for match officials to follow. The requirements do not include any safety or manufacturing information other than portable football goals may only be used if they are securely anchored. No tolerances in the dimensions are allowed under the laws of the game. Football Goalposts with thicker corners than the actual posts do not conform according to the laws of the game as the posts and crossbar should have the same width and depth.  Goalpost nets should be held away at the top so as not to interfere with the goalkeeper. Regarding goal post manufacturing standards these should be stated on the actual goalposts if they are sold as conforming. It is unlawful for any goalpost to state it passes a standard if it does not. Any goalposts made to European safety standards must conform fully in all aspects of the standard including finger and head entrapment.  

How F.I.F.A. - Law One relates to Goalposts 

A goal must be placed on the Centre of each goal line. A goal consists of two upright posts equidistant from the corner flag posts and joined at the top by a horizontal crossbar. - The goalposts and crossbar must be made of wood, metal, or other approved material. - They may be square, rectangular, round or elliptical in shape and must not be dangerous to players. -  The distance between the posts is 7.32 m (8 yards) and the distance from the lower edge of the crossbar to the ground is 2.44 m (8 ft). -  Both goalposts and the crossbar have the same width and depth, which do not exceed 12 cm (5 ins). The goal lines must be of the same width as the goalposts and the crossbar. Nets may be attached to the goals and the ground behind the goal, if they are properly supported and do not interfere with the goalkeeper. -  The goalposts and crossbars must be white.
SAFETY  -  Goals must be anchored securely to the ground. Portable goals may only be used if they satisfy this requirement. Recently at the end of 2014 this rule changed in that oval posts must have the longest length as the goal-line width which means posts that are longer on the front than the sides no longer conform to law one of the game. We will therefore be changing our stadium goalpost design to accommodate this new ruling and conform to the new safety standards coming out later in the year.  

Technical information - Goalposts

If you are unsure and require help or information regarding goalposts, you can access helpful and unbiased advice about the best types for your particular location please email our technical director at ITSA GOAL  john@itsagoal.net or telephone  07974745768 at any time.


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