Football Goals for the Garden 

The best football goals for the garden are on this site. ITSA Goal posts supply stronger sturdier and longer lasting garden football goals. Many others are low-cost throw away products from the Far East that have nets that do not last more than a few days. These are frankly a waste of money and if they are plastic, you run the danger that the plastic may also be carcinogenic as on many products no checks as to what is mixed into the plastic is made. Pictures are also often distorted to make the post sections look bigger than they are and what looks like a bargain may not be when it arrives. Other low-quality products are the garden goals made from a thin metal tube that can only be used in a garden. These rust very quickly and often have sharp protrusions. Very thin mesh nets that just do not last are used on most of these flimsy metal goal posts. Our advice if you have one is that when the net fails, and it will, return it and demand a full refund. These types of metal and plastic garden goals are usually cheaper because they come in small boxes with numerous tube sections. Carriage charges for the smaller box is a lot less. ITSA Goal posts in some products incur higher carriage charges as they offer one section posts which are much stronger and quicker to install. The small amount of additional carriage is worth every penny as you get a much stronger football goal." You get what you pay for " seems apt with such products. Look at the feedback on the large, shed operations like Argos, Tesco, Amazon, and others to see what those that have wasted money on such products say.  Adverts often state they have thousands of reviews, but this is misleading as many are not about garden goals at all but other non-comparable products they sell, and most favourable ones may be fake. The goal post ones are very revealing indeed. 

The top of the range and the absolute best plastic garden goals are made in Sheffield “the home of football” by ITSA GOAL. As they sell direct prices are affordable. Savings on middleman mark ups are invested in the design and engineering of the products. They have many advantages over other plastic garden goals. They are sturdier, stronger, faster to use, do not clip nets around posts, net supports are secured to the goal frame not just pushed in a hole, they have longer lasting nets, crossbars are straight, and all plastic goals have longer manufacturer’s warranty. Very affordable quality garden goals that outperform and outlast other plastic goals. Footie Goals is a budget version of the professional club ITSA Goal post but without the net fixings and offer excellent value for money. (We found out that our club plastic goals just pushed together with a net fitted still outperformed the rest by a country mile).
Call our garden goal line 0114 242 4244 for unbiased help in choosing the right goal for your garden.

Garden Football Goals