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Football Goalposts for Clubs 

On this web site you will find the most comprehensive range of goal posts for affiliated football clubs. As a company that owns a sports facility and use goal posts we know the problems and have made innovative changes to make football goals safer, last longer, be and easier to use and better to store. We were the first company to introduce plastic goals however once the new market was introduced lesser engineered products followed in particular Far East copies and of course Samba Goals. These slightly cheaper plastic goals flooded the market and many are still in use at club level. We replace many of these plastic goals every month with clubs now preferring to move to aluminum goals due to the problems they have encountered in the past particularly with samba Goals. It is a real shame that many clubs have not been aware that our plastic football goals have a longer life, have straight crossbars are quicker to set up, do not break and require little or no spare parts. We have spoken to clubs that still spend hundreds of pounds each year maintaining plastic samba Goals that have crossbars that dip considerably.  We feel it is unfair to clubs who provide proper goals with straight crossbars to be required to play in such goals with crossbars that clearly do not conform to the current standards every alternative week when they play away at other clubs. The plastic goal posts we supply on this website are the best money can buy and are still a great investment. Why not look at the feedback from clubs that have used both Samba Goals and ITSA plastic Goal posts and see what they say. Plastic Goals if you buy the right ones are still the safest and best for young children starting to play football.You can now buy from us flat pack aluminum goalposts that use strong polypropylene and industrial nylon plastic connectors but with lightweight aluminum tube instead of plastic PVC tube.  A cost-effective solution for clubs who want to move away from plastic goalposts that once put together can be erected very quickly on match days. We also offer lightweight aluminum crossbars that can be used on existing 7v7 and 9v9 goalposts to give a better rebound and take out any dip. Another easy way to improve your plastic club goals. For clubs that cannot afford to change to the better engineered plastic goal posts then we offer upgrade kits to fit a Samba goal to get rid of any dipping crossbars.
 Many clubs are now moving towards folding goals for the convenience they offer. The standard folding goals supplied by most companies often have bolt together posts in aluminum with steel sides that often swing around and act like guillotines. Clubs often do not understand that they must build these when they arrive and that they become responsible for the safe construction of the goal posts. They will then need attention as the frames expand apart and need bolts will require tightening and constant re-aliening. The heavy steel side frames also quickly rust if they are left out in the open. We offer patented locking goals with fully welded rust-free aluminum side frames. These folding goals are lighter, easier to use and move around and as the crossbar folds flat under the crossbar they take up less space. These are fast becoming the preferred choice at junior and senior club level. In many locations that have pitches in fixed positions our socketed stadium goalposts can be a workable solution as they are quick to set up and take down. Just the turn of a key to unlock the crossbar from the uprights.  If your club volunteers are fed up of the time it takes to set goal posts up or embarrassed about the plastic goals they use and need better solutions then why not look at what clubs say that use our football goals or contact our goal line 0114 242 4244 for un-biased suggestions on how you can improve your experience on match days. 

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Full size Steel Goalposts 24'x8'      for adult 11v11 matches  - 18+ years of age 
Youth size Steel Goalposts 21'x7'   for youth 11v11 matches - 13-18 years of age
Youth size Steel Goalposts 16'x7'   for youth 9v9 matches  - 11-12 years of age
Youth size Steel Goalposts 12'x6'   for 7v7 matches  - 7-10 years of age