Folding Goal 24'x8'

Folding football goals are probably the most popular goalposts at club level.They offer speed of installation on match days and offer compact storage. These goals are quickly assembled as fully welded sides just push onto crossbars and back bars and lock in place. Football goals with heavy steel net supports held together with bolts need to be fully built by the buyer. This type of goal needs constant attention as bolts loosen as they are moved and require constant tightening. They are much heavier and the side frames do not lock in place but freely swing about.The folding goals  we supply are rustproof, they are half the weight, they do not need bolts, lockable and are easier to move around. Football goals that are safer and virtually maintenance free.The preferred folding goals used currently in Junior football. Please note longer goal posts with crossbars above sixteen foot may incur a delivery surcharge.  


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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 products

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