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Aluminium Goals - Folding

Your team may play on grass football pitches, artificial type pitches or hard surface pitches, our company supply the largest range suitable for all types of locations and surfaces.

The Itsa Goal Post branded Folding Goal is a better design, a sensible simple design that works. The Folding goal is a registered design. The Goal post folds flat for storage, the goal can easily be moved with additional wheel transporters. The Wheel transporters are also a registered design. The goals fit onto the transporters and so it is a stable goal when moving on to the playing surface, they also allow one set to move many different goals , a cost saving for grass roots football teams.

Folding goals are freestanding and in line with the Goalpost safety standard they do require fixing into the ground or alternatively counter balancing with heavy cumbersome weights. Our freestanding and folding goals include multi-surface ground anchors as standard or alternatively weights are available.

Other types of goals are supplied with mitred corners and many various nuts and bolts and can take hours to assemble, the Itsa Goal Folding goal is simply to assemble, in general there are two sides- fully welded, a crossbar and fast fitting back bar - Minutes to have your goals ready to play,  simply fit a crossbar and a back bar.

The folding goals are available in various sizes as approved by the Football Association for use in mini soccer, 9v9 games, older youth games and adult full size folding goals size 24ft x 8ft


Full range of goal sizes available up to full size 24'x8'adult goals.

Heavy duty 120 X 100mm elliptical extruded aluminum
80mm extruded aluminium
Totally weatherproof/rustproof aluminium

Professional powder coated white painted finish

Quality braided white nets for extra longevity

Professional net fixings to fit aluminium recess.

Manufacturer's Warranty

Please view our folding goals demonstration on our aluminium goal video channel