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Aluminium Football Goals

Aluminium Football Goals

Aluminium Goals made in the UK by Itsa Goal Posts Limited -

Aluminium goals are made in various designs to suit different surfaces. All freestanding aluminium goals require safe counter balance weights or alternative ground anchors to safely stabilise goals. Folding movable goals, Roller self weighted football goals,  fixed aluminium goals and portable goals are available from and the design differences are explained in more detail below to help you decide which goalpost is the most suitable.

Folding Aluminium Football Goals

The aluminium football goals and football wheel goalpost transporters are registered designs. Football goal registered design numbers : 5000197  5000198  5000199. The Itsa Goal Post lockable folding football goals are also a patented product

Before the introduction of the Itsa Goal post branded movable folding  goals with transporters, when folding goals were moved from the storage facility onto the football pitch the goals could be damaged if not moved with great care. Moving goals may have included trudging over uneven muddy grass roots football pitches. When moving folding goals the goal side frames may swing inwards and the corners have additional stresses, possibly damaging  the goals should the sides lever apart.

Itsa Goal Posts branded folding goal posts, include quick fitting goalpost transporters that slot in the upright. The goalpost transporter reduces stress on the goal frame, preventing sides splaying apart during the movement of goals.  This is much easier for club volunteers moving goalposts and increases the goalposts longevity.

Goalposts should always be used in accordance with the fitting instructions supplied. The full range of Itsa Goal Post branded goals goalpost assembly instructions can be viewed here

Click here to view the folding aluminium football goal and goalpost transporter prices from our online supplier

To view  a video of our folding aluminium goals click here


The photograph demonstrates the full size adult folding goal in the folded flat position, ready to be moved to the pitch, with the additional goalpost transporters fitted to the goals.



Freestanding  Aluminium Football Goals  - Movable Designs 

Other brands of football goals (not Itsa Goal Posts Ltd) are manufactured with mitred corners, the corners fix together with internal steel brackets. These goals may expand apart during the summer resulting in the the crossbar expanding more than posts creating expansion problems. This expansion may create unstable goalpost corners and if the corner bolts are not re tightened regularly the goals may be damaged when the goals are moved. 

Expansion problems  do not effect Itsa Goal Posts branded goals - with  fully welded goalpost corners. The goalposts sides are welded and quickly slot into crossbar and back bar and lock in position.  The photograph shows this goal design below with goalpost sides, crossbar and backbar laid on the ground.


Click to view the best range of freestanding movable aluminium football goals 
Full size freestanding standard goal 24 ft x 8 ft as shown below.
Youth size freestanding goal for 9v9 games
12'x6' Mini Soccer Freestanding aluminium goal
12'x4' five a side freestanding aluminium goal


Movable Aluminium Football Goals – Roller goals with weights – for artificial surfaces


We also supply movable aluminium football goals that include wheeled back bars. This goal is designed for use on artificial surfaces and as such require counter weight to balance the goals from toppling over; a requirement of the goalposts safety standards. The goals are available with this heavy counter balance weight integral to the goal back frame. The  goals are made with strengthening supports and is a factor why the roller goals are slightly more expensive. The Itsa Goal Post branded roller football goal has a  wheeled backbar at the rear of the goal  and the wheels are at the back in a safer position than at the sides of goals as seen on other makes of aluminium goalposts.

Click on the link below to view the 24’x8′ self weighted roller aluminium football goal and the full range of various goal sizes available such as five a side aluminum roller goals, youth goals and mini soccer roller goals.


Movable Aluminium Football Goals – Roller goals without weights – for grass pitches

We also supply Roller aluminium goals without heavy integral counter balancing weight which are similar to a standard freestanding goal. When the goal is in position it requires anchoring with the multi-surface anchors provided as standard with goals.  The freestanding goals do not have the roller back bar but you can fit the optional wheel transporters if required to wheel goals out in position. The advantage of the separate goal transporters is that a set can be used an any number of different goals.

For more details helpful advice to help decide the best goals for your situation  please call 07455 383 302 or 0780 334 1483 or email

Roller goal design shown without net attached.


Standard freestanding aluminium goals


Flat pack aluminium football goals


Flat pack aluminium goals are supplied flat ideal for low cost delivery and can be disassembled after games or left in situ. One of the most affordable aluminium goals - ideal for youth football games. Lightweight safe goals that are easy to move into position and anchor.  Click for more details. Available in various sizes to suit different ages groups.


Portable aluminium football goals


We supply full size goals that can pack away in bags after use.  These goals are recommended for tournaments and when teams have no onsite storage . Click the view the goals online - full range of sizes available 12'x6' mini soccer portable goals, 16'x7' and 21'x7' youth portable goals.




Portable aluminium goals - this goal was carried into SWFC in a 2.8m bag and  assembled. Th goals had metal anchored spikes hammered into the ground (no digging required) After the photoshoot the goal was disassembled and the metal anchors lifted out with no ground disturbed at all.


Affordable flat pack aluminium lightweight football goals  - ideal for youth games.



The latest Football Goals  Safety

Current football goal safety must follow BSEN 748:2013+A1:2018 and BS EN 16579:2018.

The existing BSEN 748:2013+A1:2018 is for 24’x8′ full size senior goals and 5m x 2m European youth goalposts. The BS EN 16579:2018 is for all football goalposts –  for example, youth 21’x7′ goalposts, 16’x7′ goals posts for 9v9 youth games, 12’x6′ mini soccer goals.


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