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Best Football Garden Goals 2024

The Best Garden football goals will have to be strong and take constant shot after shot - When you assemble a football garden goal and it takes a little longer to assemble this may actually mean that the goal is better built.
BEFORE BUYING GARDEN FOOTBALL GOALS OR GOALPOSTS FOR YOUR CLUB WE SUGGEST:  Avoid flimsy thin metal goals and also the dangerous heavy steel goals. Make sure the garden goals have locking back net supports so the main back supports hold in place. Buy from an established goalpost company.
Avoid thin bending type goalpost back net supports –  they do bend and eventually will crease and need replacing. We recommend the straight back tubes that have a joining elbow. Check for dipping crossbar goals, particularly on 12x6 and 16x7 goals. Take a look and see the equivalent goals in videos online, a quick search in social media will reveal what the crossbars really look like during a football match.  Check for the Guarantee length - ITSAGOAL offer the longest guarantee on uPVC goals on the market. Any report about goalposts that does not include the two leading brands 'ITSA Goal' & 'Footie garden goals' does not provide an accurate picture. ITSAGOAL invented the first portable uPVC GOAL in 1989 and has the most experience in this product. Those claiming to be impartial should include the leading and top garden goal post brands. If any 'TOP TEN GOALPOSTS FOR THE GARDEN' review website does not include ITSA GOAL products it cannot be relied upon to be anything other than a sales tool that is misinforming buyers. ITSA GOAL  invented the first mini soccer plastic football goals and the only children's football goals to be approved by the Football Association and FIFA back in 1992. Any product that has been copied can only ever by second best.


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