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Best Garden Football Goals - uPVC Goals

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Best Football Garden Goals 2020. Before you buy garden goals make sure your goals are built to last.

The Best Garden football goals will have to be strong and take constant shot after shot - When you assemble a football garden goal and it takes a little longer to assemble this may actually mean that the goal is better built 

For a football garden goal it is important that when the goal is  assembled and ready for a hard match that it stays up strong and sturdy for many hours, weeks and years of play. We would recommend it is more important to check the build quality of the football garden 

So make sure the garden goals you are going to buy include a longer guarantee than the competition - some plastic garden goals,  the ITSAGOAL range include a three years Guarantee and the FOOTIEGOAL range include a two years Guarantee whereas most uPVC garden goals on the market only have a one year Guarantee.  Goalpost Manufacturers will provide a long guarantee if they are confident the goalpost will last.

Look for an established company, not just a large company moving imported goals at the lowest price.

Make sure you check out garden goal product reviews not just reviews that highlight how fast the goal arrived. 


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Best 8'x4' garden football-goals for Junior Football

GARDEN FOOTBALL GOAL FEATURES : Proportionally correct size to a full size regulation goal. Reinforced goalpost corner brackets, locking net supports, Quality white goal net, Made by an established company ITSAGOAL POSTS LTD. 1989, Weatherproof, no metal parts included, Detailed Goal product reviews, 8'x4' garden goal video assembly available so you can see how all the parts fit together. 

8’x4′  uPVC Best Garden Football Goal  reviews -
Garden Goalpost user – Thanks again the goal is fantastic my son hasn’t stopped playing in the garden.
Thank you FIVE STARS *.
garden goalposts to buy MR HOOPER 2010 – UK

  best garden football goals SIZE 6'X4' UPVC

Best 6'x4' garden football goals

GARDEN FOOTBALL GOALS FEATURES : Extended garden goal guarantee, strongest corner brackets, safe for children, locking goal net supports, Quality white net included, Made by an established company, Goalpost product reviews, 6'x4' garden goal video assembly available.   

6’x4′ best garden football goal reviews garden goalposts to buy MR.  BRADFORD  - Garden Goal user:  Thanks for the Goal post!  It does look good set up in the garden and much more sturdy than the last two £19.99 ones that are now in a landfill!

uPVC garden goal reviews garden goalposts to buy MR. WILSON UK - The Best Highly Recommended, Excellent goals and look

The best plastic garden football goals

Best 8'x6' football-goals for the garden

KEY GOALPOST FEATURES : Strengthened goalpost corner brackets, so inherently strong structure, sturdy design and lightweight and safe for young children, locking supports, white garden goal net, established company, excellent goalpost reviews, 8'x6' garden goal video assembly  website   Supplied by

8’x6′ uPVC garden goal reviews garden goalposts to buy Richard Howlett - UK- March 2011 - Garden Goalpost user: 
The football goal arrived during Monday and we erected it tonight after work and my son is delighted with it.
best garden football goals 2020

Best 12'x6' football-goals for the garden

FOOTBALL GARDEN GOAL FEATURES :  The strongest with the longest guarantee goalpost corner brackets, so inherently strong structure and a robust design, proper locking top back supports, white braided quality garden goal net included, established goalpost manufacturing company, goalpost reviews, 12'x6' goal video assembly e   

12’x6′ uPVC football goals for the garden reviews garden goalposts to buy 
12' x 6' MINI SOCCER GOAL Dear Soccertackle, Just to let you know how delighted I have been with the 12' x 6' goal that I purchased from you over two years ago. I bought it for my 16 year old son for him and his friends to take to the park. It has been used regularly since and now the boys are 18 it takes a bit of a hammering. It is with great pleasure that I can say that it is still in the same excellent condition as the day I bought it. Sometimes the ball thumps off the bar or post but the goal has always stood firm. It seems as if it is indestructible. An amazing product and such value for money. I would highly recommend one of these goals for kids and adults. My only regret is that I did not buy one many years ago.



Avoid flimsy thin metal goals and also the dangerous heavy steel goals.

Make sure the garden football goals have locking back net supports so the main back supports hold in place.

Buy from an established goalpost company.

Avoid thin bending type goalpost back net supports –  they do bend and eventually will crease and need replacing. We recommend the straight back tubes that have a joining elbow.

Check for dipping crossbar goals, particularly on 12x6 and 16x7 goals .. take a look and see the equivalent goals in videos online, a quick search in social media will reveal what the crossbars really look like during a football match. A garden football goal looks much better when the crossbar is straight and SOCCERTACKLE the official suppliers of ITSA GOAL manufactured products offer the best option with one section crossbar versions.

Check for the Guarantee length - ITSAGOAL offer the longest guarantee on uPVC goals on the market.

Any report about goalposts that does not include the two leading brands 'ITSA Goal' & 'Footie garden goals' does not provide an accurate picture. ITSAGOAL invented the first portable uPVC GOAL in 1989 and has the most experience in this product. Those claiming to be impartial should include the leading and top garden goal post brands. If any 'TOP TEN GOALPOSTS FOR THE GARDEN' review website does not include ITSA GOAL products it cannot be relied upon to be anything other than a sales tool that is misinforming buyers. ITSA GOAL  invented the first mini soccer plastic football goals and the only children's football goals to be approved by the Football Association and FIFA back in 1992. 

Any product that has been copied can only ever by second best !

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Visit our youtube website dedicated to garden football goal posts, football goals for the garden, goalpost assembly and helpful goalpost videos. 

best football goal videos for the garden

You may also Visit the ITSAGOAL Flickr website for more goalpost images football goals for the garden  

The full range of garden football goals fitting Instruction can also be viewed - click here


Step by Step Assembly of The Best Football Garden Goals
8'x4' Itsa Goal uPVC Goals

How to fit the Best Garden football goals

Step 1
Layout the garden football goal parts, use the checklist on the fitting instructions supplied.

goalpost parts of the best football goals

Step 2
Layout the goalpost crossbar, back ground frame and posts. Connect the corner brackets with spigots to the back ground frame.

how to fit the best football garden goals

Step 3
Connect the corner brackets without the spigots to the side ground bars ready to fit the upright posts.

best garden football goals assembled

Step 4
Connect the second corner bracket without spigot.

best garden football goals Fitted

Step 5

Fit the first upright post.

best garden football goals with upright post added

Step 6 
Fit the other upright post.

best garden football goals with posts

Step 7
Fit the lower back stanchion connectors, these allow the net supports to stay properly locked in place

best garden football goals with crossbar

Step 8
Add the back net support tubes, locked in place to the lower back stanchion connectors and the spigot.

best garden football goals WITH NET SUPPORTS

Step 9
Fit the net to rear of posts on the ITSAGOAL 8'x4' using the Arrow Hook net fixings. Add the multi surface anchors so the goal is fixed to the ground and you are ready to play.

best garden football goals IN 2020 ASSEMBLED

Click here to watch the video demonstration of the best garden football goals.