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 For those who just want superior quality football goals with extended warranty: Contact us 24 Hours a day 7 days a week. Office Goal-Line: 0114 242 4244 Mobiles: 0745 538 3302 & 0780 334 1483  


Football goals with longer warranty “Made in Sheffield” the home of football.
Goal posts for all ages competitively priced and engineered to last longer. Football goals that are lighter, safer and can be installed quicker.
Down to earth value with no gimmicks, no inflated prices knocked down and honest detailed customer reviews.
Affordable goal posts with extended guarantees for the discerning buyer who only want the best for their children. 



Sturdy high impact affordable football goals that look and perform like real goalposts, not toys. Plastic football goals with straighter crossbars and goal nets fitted neatly to the rear of the posts not clipped around posts to fray along the ground. Plastic goals with net supports securely locked in place not just pushed into a hole like the rest. Goals with three year warranty that other plastic goal post brands cannot match. Outperforms and outlasts all other football goal brands. With more five star detailed customer reviews these are the Ideal football goals for your football club or budding soccer star. 

Safe secure steel anti-vandal goal posts for exposed council football pitches and movable lightweight aluminium freestanding goals for all other locations.The lightest safest and easiest to manoeuvre metal football goals available. The first choice for affiliated football clubs and schools. With longer warranty and low delivery charges these football goals take some beating. If you buy low cost imported folding goals especially steel versions you will be buying trouble and hard work. The key thing to look for with folding goals is the ease of use and more importantly its weight. Buying cheap means buying twice.


Affiliated football clubs should be using football goals that conform to FIFA Law one of the game and the latest safety standard BS EN 16579:2018. BS8462:2012 is no longer in use.The standards are aligned to the governance of the sport and cover all sizes of goalposts other than full-size adult goals which are covered in EN 748. Some manufacturers are still making and selling elliptical goalposts that do not conform so it is advisable to check. Law one states that the longest length on elliptical goal posts should be across the goal line and not sat along the goal line. A welcome addition is the introduction of freestanding movable goal posts under 42 kilos as they are much safer and easier to use. All goal posts under the new standard must indicate the weight of the goalpost and this is worth checking before you buy. Remember with free standing movable goals the lighter the goal post the safer it is. Finger entrapment prevention is also highlighted and any open areas or slots on posts should be less than 8mm wide to conform. What remains the same is that crossbars should not dip more than ten millimetres. Our company chairman was a founder member of the BSI goalpost safety committee and may be able to help answer any specific questions about goal posts you may have. email                                                              More goalpost information can be found at the British Standards Institute and F.I.F.A