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  • Extended Warranty
  • Secure locked in net supports
  • Quality Long Lasting goal nets
  • Neat fast net fixing to rear of posts
  • Straight crossbars


  • Lockable & secure
  • Laser Engineered
  • Multiple sets are easy to store
  • Local Authority first choice goal


  • Moveable Freestanding Goals
  • Portable goal posts in bags
  • Stadium Goal posts
  • Folding goalposts


  • Footballs
  • Spectator Barriers
  • Team Shelters
  • Team Kits
  • Pitch Accessories
  • Line marking

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football goals here?

Soccertackle.com supply 'football goal posts' that are made in Sheffield by one of the oldest established 'goalpost manufacturers' in the U.K. Innovative safe football goals engineered to last, designed for quick match day installation and competitively priced.  Full range of goal posts in Steel Aluminium and uPVC .  

The video above shows the quality of the ITSA GOAL in comparison to other makes of uPVC goalposts

Folding aluminium goalposts are available in all sizes - They are lightweight, easy to use and store after games.


Goal posts

From ITSA Goal, uPVC match goal posts - see video below
ITSA Goal high impact uPVC goal posts look and perform like real goals not toys. Mini Soccer Goals and 9 v 9 goalposts - junior goals for junior football clubs have straighter, sturdier crossbars with goal nets fitted neatly to rear of the posts. Goal net support stanchions and posts are not just pushed into holes but securely locked in place. The Ideal junior goals choice for Junior football clubs and budding soccer stars.


Football Goals

Then it has to be ITSA GOAL Football Goals. ITSA Goal have been manufacturing PVC plastic goal posts for twenty five years. A highly respected company in the sports industry that drives innovation and 'goal post' safety. The company was the first to make plastic goals and although they have spawned many copies, in our opinion, none have come close to the high engineering standards that ITSA Goal posts set. As owners can testify they withstand the hardest shot ,never need spare parts and goal nets last years.(Easily picked out from Samba Goals and other plastic goals,they are the ones with neatly fitting nets and straight crossbars! )  Discerning football clubs prefer the professional look and longevity that ITSA Goal posts offer. Stronger uPVC goal posts that have longer lasting quicker fitting goal nets and offer extended warranties others cannot match. Goal post frames are fully locking as net support stanchions are locked to the goal frame,not just pushed into a hole like the rest. Net supports stay firmly in place and do not come out every time the goal is moved or a football hits them. No other plastic goalposts have this feature. If you want the very best uPVC Plastic goalposts that will last years & years and will not need a fortune in spare parts then there is only one.... ITSA GOAL ..(see customer comments) 

The Footie Goal is a low cost plastic garden goalpost that outperforms all the lower engineered plastic goal posts and flimsy metal goals. Net supports to the rear of the posts are secured to posts not just pushed into a hole. They use the strong ITSA Goal post fittings and plastic extrusion and goal nets  but do not included arrowhead net fixings or button connectors. The goal frame simply slots in place and is held together when the net is tied to the frame. This garden goal is Ideal when football goals are left installed and not taken down after use.See the video and you will see why this is a better option than a Samba goal or any other plastic goal posts.
Steel Fixed position Football Goalposts
ITSA GOAL Patented Anti-vandal/Anti-theft lockable steel laser cut football goal posts are unique and  only available from Soccertackle.com  They offer a higher level of safety and accountability than any other steel socketed goal posts that still rely on old fashioned nut & bolt technology.
Aluminum goal posts
ITSA GOAL Stadium Aluminum goalposts and freestanding lightweight aluminum moveable goal posts have no steel components, are fully welded and unlike other aluminum football goalposts that combine heavy steel net supports with aluminum posts these are half the weight, do not come apart in use and do not rust. A popular range of  budget  (flat pack) affordable aluminum goals are available from ITSA Goal that are safe for use with children.
Folding Lightweight Goalposts
ITSA GOAL Fold flat lockable aluminum Mini Soccer and Youth goal posts are just one of many goals on the approved list of football goals supplied to the Football Association and the Football Foundation. Fast becoming the choice of every junior football club.These offer fast installation on match days,easy storage and are safer than other goal post manufacturers heavier products.
Football Club Equipment
Top branded match & training footballs - match day items - ground equipment - football team kits - low cost uPVC spectator barriers & quick fit dugouts that can be stored after each game with ease.

"All your football club needs

1 Net supports are locked in place not just pushed into holes. 2 Corner moldings are much stronger3  Goal net is not clipped and pulled around the front of the posts . 4 The goal net is not wrapped under the ground frame extending the life of the goal net5  Crossbars are straighter
. 6 Longer goalpost warranties. 7 Better fitting quality white nets - more for your money 8  Net support stanchions do not crease,bend and break to leave dangerous protrusions.

Soccertackle.com  is one of the oldest e-commerce football sites in the UK and is a specialist supplier to junior football clubs, schools, budding soccer stars, dedicated football coaches, managers and football club officials who give up their spare time for no other reward than the love of the game. Secure safe shopping with quick door to door delivery at unbeatable prices. We are now in our third decade of trading on line and we have seen many other web sites come and go offering cheap poor quality products but we have never changed our philosophy of offering.....

"the best quality possible at an affordable price."


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