Best Garden Football Goals

The Best Garden Football Goals
16’x7′ Goals,12’X6′ Goals, 8’X6′ Goals, 8’x4′ Goals, 6’x4′ Goals.

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goalpost reviews MR IAN IRVING – NORTHUMBERLAND UK  2018
I shall be delighted to leave a positive review, as you have been one of the best companies I have had the pleasure of dealing with and your goals are second to none. Many thanks, Ian

MINI SOCCER GOALPOST I find your goals far superior to Samba goals and the shape is just fantastic. Lots of clubs have enquired by me about these goals as Samba Goals just don’t look the same and don’t feel of the same quality. The arrow-shaped hooks certainly makes the goals standout from the rest as it looks like an aluminium goal from a distance. As a premium football coaching product we are very pleased to have such high quality goals at our ground,


the best 12x6 garden football goal

best 12x6 football goal

best 12x6 goal

best garden football goals

Garden Goalpost size 6’x4′

garden goalpost size 6x4
garden goalpost size 6×4

One of the best Garden goalpost size 6×4 available in the UK.

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goalpost reviews JMR N S HANCOCK – UK

I looked at cheaper goalposts available from the usual high street names, but after reading poor reviews I decided to look for a sturdier option and found these. My 9 year old soon loves this goal that I bought as a birthday present – it looks like a real goalpost and behaves like one. It’s strong in terms of the construction and the netting and is relatively easy to put together – lay all the bits out on the grass first! It doesn’t budge when the ball hits the post or the back of the net thanks to the anchors and pegs included. It’s also good to know that spares and extensions are available as part of a “system”. Worth the extra outlay in the long run.


goalpost reviews JAYNE TEBB – NAIRN SCOTLAND

We received the goals 6×4 and my two sons and all their friends have had great fun with the goals so far….. I have never seen my garden so busy!!!!