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We suggest avoiding flimsy metal goals- they are just not up to the job.

Avoid heavy freestanding steel goals, they are cheap but dangerous – not worth the risk with children!

We also suggest making sure your goalposts have locking net supports – it’s really not ideal if every time you score a goal the net support comes out!

Also, check product reviews,  make sure the reviews are about the product not the fast delivery…its the product you need to know about.

Avoid goals with bending net support stanchions –  they bend and crease!

Kids want a goal that looks realistic so look at the goalpost design, make sure they have a roof to the net. All footballers like to score a goal in the roof of the net – its just not right if the goal doesn’t have one!

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The Best 16’x7′ uPVC Youth Goal by a Mile.

The Best 16’x7′ uPVC Goal by a Mile.

The goalposts have an optional aluminium crossbar, so the goalpost does not sag in the middle.
Fully locking goalpost and even the goalpost back stanchion locks
Proper net fixings so the goal net clips on the reverse of posts, no unsightly tape, and nets wrapping around posts.
Longer goalpost warranty than any other goal.

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ITSA Goal post range for Junior football clubs continues to grow

The ITSA Goal post range for Junior football clubs continues to grow.
Continued investment in products is why after thirty years we are still acknowledged as
the industry innovators. Our company chairman has over sixty years’ experience and is
one of the leading experts in goal post design and safety. We have advised and made
recommendations to the European standards, FIFA and the Football Association since
we help found the first safety standards in the early nineties.
Our goalposts which are safer than most are in use in Schools, Universities,
Professional football clubs and thousands of grass roots teams. ITSA Goal has been a
Football Foundation approved supplier for many years.
The one thing you will notice about plastic Itsa Goal posts is that they have straight
crossbars unlike the rest and nets are neatly attached not pulled around posts and
clipped. It is that finished look which is better by design, offers longer warranty and helps
these goal posts outperform the rest.
If you are looking to buy or upgrade football goals, at your club or at home then there is
no better place to kick off your search.

Plastic Goals that take the hardest shots

plastic goals

goalpost reviews ITSA GOAL upvc Match Goal size 12’x6′ Goalpost review

We have just purchased our second “it’s a goal” goal from Soccertackle after having our original for over a dozen years. The first goal was still in a very good condition which says everything about the excellent build quality and durability of the product but we felt it was time for a shiny bright new one. We have replaced the net once during that time after a lawn mower accident and the after sales service and support for buying extras is second to none.
I cannot ever recall receiving such friendly and helpful service anywhere and I only wish all companies took such care of their customers not just before the sale but long afterward as well.
Despite the excellent service, however, the key reason we bought our second goal is because of our experience with the first. The build quality is exceptional and far superior to other goals we have seen. We have four football mad boys and it’s fair to say that the goal has had almost constant use during all of that time and yet it has stood up to some pretty hard shooting without suffering any major damage.

Our new goal has a single crossbar and was very easy to assemble. I am sure this goal will see us through another dozen years and by which time our boys will have become young men!

If you are thinking of purchasing a goal, do not consider any other. Ultimately you get what you pay for and these goals offer the best value for your money anywhere and are in a different league to the likes of Samba Goals.

I have never written a review of anything before but such was the impression made on me and the helpful service I have received, that I felt compelled to share my views.

First class goals from a first class company – simply the best.

Thanks, Ian Irving

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See the proper goalpost locking corner bracket and locking stanchion so the stanchion stays locked in place during games.

Best Garden Football Goals

The Best Garden Football Goals
16’x7′ Goals,12’X6′ Goals, 8’X6′ Goals, 8’x4′ Goals, 6’x4′ Goals.

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Just a few reviews are outlined below.

goalpost reviews MR IAN IRVING – NORTHUMBERLAND UK  2018
I shall be delighted to leave a positive review, as you have been one of the best companies I have had the pleasure of dealing with and your goals are second to none. Many thanks, Ian

MINI SOCCER GOALPOST I find your goals far superior to Samba goals and the shape is just fantastic. Lots of clubs have enquired by me about these goals as Samba Goals just don’t look the same and don’t feel of the same quality. The arrow-shaped hooks certainly makes the goals standout from the rest as it looks like an aluminium goal from a distance. As a premium football coaching product we are very pleased to have such high quality goals at our ground,


the best 12x6 garden football goal

best 12x6 football goal

best 12x6 goal

best garden football goals

Garden Goalpost size 6’x4′

garden goalpost size 6x4
garden goalpost size 6×4

One of the best Garden goalpost size 6×4 available in the UK.

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goalpost reviews JMR N S HANCOCK – UK

I looked at cheaper goalposts available from the usual high street names, but after reading poor reviews I decided to look for a sturdier option and found these. My 9 year old soon loves this goal that I bought as a birthday present – it looks like a real goalpost and behaves like one. It’s strong in terms of the construction and the netting and is relatively easy to put together – lay all the bits out on the grass first! It doesn’t budge when the ball hits the post or the back of the net thanks to the anchors and pegs included. It’s also good to know that spares and extensions are available as part of a “system”. Worth the extra outlay in the long run.


goalpost reviews JAYNE TEBB – NAIRN SCOTLAND

We received the goals 6×4 and my two sons and all their friends have had great fun with the goals so far….. I have never seen my garden so busy!!!!