Did you know fake product reviews make consumers more than twice likely to choose poor quality products

Read the full detailed behavioral study  – click here to read the Which? study.

When buying goalposts, in particular, we recommend the following key points to check before you click to buy

  1. The length of the guarantee specifically on PVC goals. The longer the guarantee on a plastic goal indicates the inherent strength of the product design.
  2. Check the product reviews actually mention the product and how it stands up to the football game, not just how fast the delivery service was.
  3. Look closely at the product images and check for the video assembly which highlights the product design.
  4. Check the assembly instructions, a product that is built well will stand up the strongest
  5. Check the prices but compare what is included – a quality product may be a little more expensive but will last much longer.
  6. Check the top net stanchion supports lock in place.
  7. Check if the company is established and has a proven track record and offer spare parts backup.

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