Read the latest Portable Goal with wheels Product Review and view the photographs demonstrating how easy ITSA GOAL Roller Goals are to move around pitches. ITSA GOAL POST LIMITED manufacturer heavier Portable Goal with wheels self-weighted Roller Goals for artificial surfaces however the lighter grass surface roller goals are easier to move on grass pitches and anchor directly onto the grass and so do not require the heavy weights in the background frame, this makes the goal easier to move.

Portable Goal with wheels  Review
“” I am the chairman of Mudeford Phoenix Girls’ F.C. in Dorset. We have previously bought moveable goals from Soccer Tackle over the last ten years. This year we have added a pair of 16 x 7 free standing aluminum roller goals and two pairs of 12 x 6 ITSA UPVC goals.We have found all of the items to be exceptionally well made. The roller goals are stored off pitch and are moved with ease. The 12 x 6 UPVC goals are brilliant. The nets are secured to both ends of the goal to put them together or collapse them for storage you only need to remove the crossbar and the back bar and the nets fold within the ends which is easy peasy and the parents love the fact it only takes a minute of their time to deal with this. This family run company have been brilliant throughout the time that we’ve known them. The admin and delivery has been spot on. Although slightly more expensive than other manufacturers I would ignore this and go for the exemplary service and quality and design of product. We have left the posting of this review for three months so that we can give an accurate report based on dealings with the goals through the winter months. “”   Review by Francis  – UK

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portbale goals with wheels being moved
football goal portbale goals with wheels being moved
roller goals portbale goals with wheels being moved

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