“Imitation is the best form of flattery ”

Way back in 1959 when the chairman of ITSA GOAL made the first mini soccer goal as a young ten-year-old boy he was not aware how that decision would go on to change football around the world. Many years later in1992 he went on to form ITSA GOAL and produced the very first plastic goal for children. At last easy to use lightweight and safe football goals were available for children and blazers for goal posts were no longer needed.
The small-sided game with proportional pitches and goals was born and in conjunction with the Football Association the game flourished and the rest is history.

From those early beginnings, a revolution in women’s football in the UK started as girls were introduced to the game at primary school which had never happened previously. It allowed many more young children to become involved and all the superstars of today started in the game by playing mini soccer. Smaller goals, proportional pitches fewer players more touches.

As the new game grew it was inevitable that the plastic goal post-market would expand and other brands would appear to take a slice of the new emerging market. The most successful being Samba Goals and recently Forza Goals. Many other poor quality copies also emerged from the Far East predominately for sale in online outlets like amazon Argos and Tesco as well as the large warehouse type stores.

The reviews speak for themselves on these products all of which are gathered by paid review companies. It still remains to this day if you want independent direct product reviews from users, if you want plastic goals with straight crossbars, if buyers want better longer lasting nets combined with a longer warranty then the original plastic ITSA GOAL posts are still regarded as offering the best value for money.

ITSA GOAL – Quality engineering Made in Sheffield the home of football

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