The ITSA Goal post range for Junior football clubs continues to grow.
Continued investment in products is why after thirty years we are still acknowledged as
the industry innovators. Our company chairman has over sixty years’ experience and is
one of the leading experts in goal post design and safety. We have advised and made
recommendations to the European standards, FIFA and the Football Association since
we help found the first safety standards in the early nineties.
Our goalposts which are safer than most are in use in Schools, Universities,
Professional football clubs and thousands of grass roots teams. ITSA Goal has been a
Football Foundation approved supplier for many years.
The one thing you will notice about plastic Itsa Goal posts is that they have straight
crossbars unlike the rest and nets are neatly attached not pulled around posts and
clipped. It is that finished look which is better by design, offers longer warranty and helps
these goal posts outperform the rest.
If you are looking to buy or upgrade football goals, at your club or at home then there is
no better place to kick off your search.

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