Portable Goal with Wheels – Movable Roller Goals

Read the latest Portable Goal with wheels Product Review and view the photographs demonstrating how easy ITSA GOAL Roller Goals are to move around pitches. ITSA GOAL POST LIMITED manufacturer heavier Portable Goal with wheels self-weighted Roller Goals for artificial surfaces however the lighter grass surface roller goals are easier to move on grass pitches and anchor directly onto the grass and so do not require the heavy weights in the background frame, this makes the goal easier to move.

Portable Goal with wheels  Review
“” I am the chairman of Mudeford Phoenix Girls’ F.C. in Dorset. We have previously bought moveable goals from Soccer Tackle over the last ten years. This year we have added a pair of 16 x 7 free standing aluminum roller goals and two pairs of 12 x 6 ITSA UPVC goals.We have found all of the items to be exceptionally well made. The roller goals are stored off pitch and are moved with ease. The 12 x 6 UPVC goals are brilliant. The nets are secured to both ends of the goal to put them together or collapse them for storage you only need to remove the crossbar and the back bar and the nets fold within the ends which is easy peasy and the parents love the fact it only takes a minute of their time to deal with this. This family run company have been brilliant throughout the time that we’ve known them. The admin and delivery has been spot on. Although slightly more expensive than other manufacturers I would ignore this and go for the exemplary service and quality and design of product. We have left the posting of this review for three months so that we can give an accurate report based on dealings with the goals through the winter months. “”   Review by Francis  – UK

Click here to see the latest price on the full range of portable goals with wheels, visit soccertackle.com and also to see the video demonstration.

Click here to view the 24’x8′ full-size portable goals with wheels

portbale goals with wheels being moved
football goal portbale goals with wheels being moved
roller goals portbale goals with wheels being moved

Football Spectator Barriers – Is your Football Club eligible for funding from the FSIF ?

The Football Association National League System

The Football Stadia Improvement Fund (FSIF) may be able to provide funds for football clubs in The Football Association National League System. The aim is to ameliorate  their football facilities for football players, football officials and football spectators.

The Football Association National League System steps

The eligibility of projects and grant limits available are dependent on the step of The Football Association National League System your Football club plays at. If you do not know which step your club fits into we recommend contacting the FSIF direclty – follow the link https://www.fsif.co.uk/

Alternatively you can find listings on various websites:

Our company offers the most comprehensive range of Football Club Spectator Barriers available in the U.K.

We provide Steel pitch barrier with various options for gates and mesh infill panels. We are amongst only a few companies that not only supply the pitch barriers we are also to provide the full service including pitch barrier installation.

We also offer a range of safe proven uPVC pitch Barriers, see the images and links to the products on our website below.

Should you proceed with a Grant we hope we have the opportunity to quote. if we can help please email sales@itsagoal.net or tel 0114 242 4244.

Steel barrier 60mm OD – Click here

grants on pitch barriers

Steel Barrier 42mm OD click here
steel barriers and grant funding

High impact uPVC Pitch Barriers -click here

grants on plastic barriers

Solid uPVC safe Pitch Barriers – click here

safe football ptich barriers


 ‘Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds’.

the guide provides detailed guidance to help you assess the safe capacity of a sports ground. The guide can be freely download at the following web site.


grants for barriers

Football Goalposts for Schools

football goalpost for school


Age range is a factor to consider when buying Football Goalposts for Schools. The goal post height is relevant to to the child’s height. Children are growing taller these days but when a child grows into an adult they will only ever play in a full size regulation goal in adult matches, which is size 24′ x 8′ (7.3×2.4m). So with this in mind if the goal is for an outfield player the target ideally should be proportional to 24’x8′ . This is so that the practice of shooting is into a goal that is a similar proportion length to height to a regulation adult goal. For example, a 12’x6′ (3.6mx1.8m) mini soccer goal or an 8’x4′ (2.4×1.2m) goal; these goals are proportionaly accurate so provide a more realistic goal size for a child. However, if you goal is for budding goalkeeper the goal width and height would be better to be a little larger to enable practicing diving. ITSA Goal Posts Ltd (John Wilson M.D.) created the first ever uPVC portable goal in a bag, way back in 1989 which was approved by the FA & FIFA and the goal size created which is now recognized as the official size played by all children under the age of 11 in official mini soccer leagues is the size 12’x6′ (3.6mx1.8). You can see by the size chart below this is an approximate proportional goal so children have a more realistic goalpost for their size. With this in mind if you garden is large enough the 12’x6′ goal is a great size of goal if your child is around 9-11 years of age as they may start to play in this size of goal in local leagues.


There are various goal sizes to choose from, so it’s important to make sure your purchase complies with F.A. and league rules and playing on pitches that are appropriate to the age range of players. There are standard sizes of football goal based on the FA’s regulations:


Under-7s and under-8s football should focus on fun and developing technical ability, so it’s recommend the FA’s regulations on goal size are followed. Children should be playing 5-a-side matches at this age, which requires a size 3 ball and a pitch of 40 yards by 30 yards. You will need to purchase goals that are 12 feet wide and 6 feet high in order to comply with FA rules.

UNDER-10 YRS FOOTBALL- Football Goalposts for Schools

Under-9yrs and under-10yrs should be playing 7-a-side matches with mini soccer goals measuring 12 ‘x 6’. However, under-9yrs should be playing with a size 3 ball, and under-10yrs should be using a size 4 football.

UNDER-12 YRS FOOTBALL – Football Goalposts for Schools

When kids reach the under-11 yrs there is a step up in dimensions. Football Pitches should be 80 yards by 50 yards, and goalposts should be 16’x7′. The same dimensions apply to under-12 yrs football

UNDER-14 YRS FOOTBALL – Football Goalposts for Schools

Children normally start playing 11-v11 games at this stage however, they will still play on smaller pitches. A pitch used for under-13yrs and under-14yrs football should be 90 yards by 55 yards, and the goalposts should measure 21’x7′.

UNDER-16 YRS FOOTBALL – Football Goalposts for Schools

Under-15 yrs and under-16 yrs football is played with the same ball used in the professional game, and with goalposts measuring 24’x8′ – the regulation professional standard. The pitch is slightly smaller at 100 yards by 60 yards.

UNDER-17S FOOTBALL – Football Goalposts for Schools

This is the age group at which players make the final transition to full size. The FA states the games should be played on a pitch of 110 yards by 70 yards, within the rules the pitch can reduce the size of the pitch to as low as 90 yards by 50 yards this is to cater for different areas available. Goalposts must be 24’x8′ regardless of the size of the pitch.

School Football Goalpost Buying Guide


goalposts for schools



uPVC: Our ITSA GOAL range of freestanding PVC goals are made from high impact uPVC which makes them extremely strong yet lightweight and portable. They are also weatherproof and will last many years. uPVC is lightweight and so is safe particularly for the very young. The goal can also have a very long lifespan.
Steel: We do not recommend steel goals for young children. Freestanding steel goals are heavy and dangerous when the anchors not be used properly. The only exception is socketed steel lockable anti- theft goals that are patented and only available from itsagoal and soccertackle.
Aluminium: The advantage of weighing less enables freestanding goal to move easily. Aluminium goals are more expensive but do not rust. The goals have a proper rebound and you will not get a dip on the larger plastic goal crossbars. ITSA GOAL is an FA suitable football goal supplier and our aluminium goal range has passed strict independent BS safety standards tests.
Don not be fooled by companies using sandbags or water weights on freestanding goals – a litre of water weighs approximately 1 Kilo, therefore weights along a full size goalpost can only weigh around 8 kilos which is not sufficient in line with the goalpost safety standards BS8462. The current advice is 112 kilos for full size freestanding goals to prevent toppling. Please note law one if the game requires elliptical goals to have the longest length of the oval post to across the goal line and not along it. some companies are still selling goals that do not conform to this basic rule. We advise checking this as the current standards state that goals must conform to the laws of the game . contact john@itsagoal.net for any technical queries.
BUY FROM AN ESTABLISHED football goalposts manufacturer in the UK – IF YOU BUY AN IMPORTED PRODUCT from the far east you may not be able TO BUY SPARE PARTS and that is why these end up in a landfill ….”Made in the far east buried in Britain” Buy sports equipment, not a flimsy toy and they will last you years especially if the goals have extended warranty.



This is a brilliant product, I am writing both as a parent and a school governor, I wish you every success


A grass roots opinion “After using your new style goals for three seasons now, I thought I would write to you to say how well they have performed. The rebound off the posts is phenomenal if it hits at speed. The welded corners and crossbar is an excellent attribute to these goal posts. As for craftsmanship, rigidity and finish, they are of the highest order. After attending Anfield for a day as part of my prize for winning the National Groundsman of the Year Award 2006, I thought to myself that we have got better goal posts than Liverpool F.C.! Ours look so much stronger, they are better made and even more professional” Shaun Hanna – Millom FC The Football Association National Groundsman of the Year 2006 (Step 7 and below)


An excellent company offering great quality products and fantastic customer service. Bought my son a 5 a side goal 6 years ago and it’s still like new after a lot of use and some very hard knocks. I had previously bought a cheaper goal from another company and it didn’t last the year. These goals are very strong and well made in Sheffield,
so great to support British products. Very highly recommended.


FOLDING ALUMINIUM GOALPOSTS I would just like to say how pleased we are with the lockable fold-in Mini-Soccer goals we recently purchased. We have fastened the netting permanently onto to frame because they can be easily stored and carried with the netting fixed. Once carried to the pitch the goalposts can be erected and secured to the ground within 60 seconds which is absolutely fantastic. As well as being easy to erect they are also the best and most professional looking goals in the league. Every team that comes to play us comments on the football goals. We have tried several types of goals over the years. Plastic, fully erected aluminum, solid D-side bracket types and these are by far the best we have ever had. Well done to its-a-goal for a fantastic, innovative design.


We purchased five sets of aluminum goals from Itsagoal and are really pleased with their performance. Safety was our main concern and ease of use a close second and after a lot of research and advice we were introduced to Itsagoal and have not regretted the decision. Each time our teams play now we get admiring glances from the opposition teams and many have commented on how professional they look.They are robustly constructed and yet still light weight and satisfy a higher level of safety than the usual statutory requirements and when we are responsible for up to 500 children we can not compromise on safety. I feel sure that they will last for many years because they have been crafted so well in the beginning and we would recommend any other club to use the same


Football Goals for the Garden

football goals for the garden

Football Goals for the Garden

These great little Football Goals for the Garden are available from soccertackle.com.

The goal shown above is the 8′ (2.4m) wide by  4′ (1.2m) high goal. This range of goalposts are the FOOTIE GOAL range and are available in the following goalpost sizes 4×3 goal, 6’x4′ goal, 8’x4′ goal, 8’x6′ goal, 12’x6′ mini soccer goal.  These different goal sizes cater for all age ranges of players and also for different garden sizes.

A unique ground anchor system that does not require any digging firmly secures the garden goal onto any grass surface. Made with UV stabilized high impact uPVC this garden goal has unbreakable polypropylene strengthened corner brackets. A cost effective quality alternative to Forza or Samba Goals and other Far East toy goals flooding the market. These 8x4 garden goals are Made in Sheffield and are safe and easy to use. Competitively priced with free delivery they take some beating. The ideal football goal goal to keep fit  and have fun with in your garden.


Football Goals for the Garden – Reviews 

can’t thank you enough …. the garden goals we have just purchased are outstanding. Our kids are over the moon with their new football goals. We bought another brand a couple of years ago and the quality was no where near as good. We saw your goals at our local Junior football club and we knew where we would be buying out next goalposts from. Top quality A+++

British Library Wetherby Thank you so much for your prompt and efficient service. Even though I did not order until late afternoon my order arrived the following day.


Football Goals for the Garden – Weatherproof

The Goals are made in weatherproof high impact U.V.stabilized uPVC. The corner brackets are manufactured in reinforced polypropylene so you will not need to buy spares in the future as these corners will last a soccer lifetime.


Football Goals for the Garden – Locking –  Quick and Easy Goal Assembly

The FOOTIE GOALS are easy to assemble and push together. The Goals are made in weatherproof high impact U.V.stabilized uPVC.  Our Net support tubes are made in a stronger larger wall thickness than other garden goals. Other goalposts on the market have net support that have to bend to tension so they stay pushed into holes, in contrast our goal net supports do not bend due to the thickness of the material.  They stay firm and straight and also lock properly into the corner bracket so that they do not come apart during a game.



Football Goals for the Garden – Quality Goal Net

The FOOTIE GOALS include top quality white nylon weatherproof nets. The Nets are much better than Pea netting seen on low cost imported type goalposts.  In contrast these nets are the same style as seen on full size adult goalpost, They are knotted so are also repairable. Fitting instructions are supplied and there are details of how to maintain your goal and goal net so it will last many years.


Click on the Football Goals for the Garden size required for more goalpost information

Football Goals for the Garden 4×3
Football Goals for the Garden 6×4
Football Goals for the Garden 8×4
Football Goals for the Garden 8×6
Football Goals for the Garden 12×6

Football Goals for the Garden – Goalpost video CLICK HERE

Best Aluminium Goalposts

Best Aluminium Goalposts for moving on grass pitches and artificial pitches.

The ITSA GOAL POST folding aluminium goalpost are the Best Aluminium Goalposts that fold completely flat and lock flat and can be stored much easier than other goalpost designs.

ITSA GOAL POST Patented & a Registered Design.


See the picture below of the ITSA GOAL folding goalpost with the wheel transporters added – You can see how easy it is to move fold flat and store;compare this with other goal manufacturer’s goals seen in the image at the bottom of the page.


The goalpost is shown with the optional wheel transporters.


We recommend avoiding goals like these below!!!!




Difficult goalposts to store, do not store flush flat, do not lock.



10 best football goals for the garden 2018

Football Goals for Sale | Reviews & Buying

Today  we’re covering the best football goals for sale for the garden.  Upvc garden goals are ideal for young children owing to goals being lightweight and safe. All goals reviewed are tested to the relevant safety standards. All the goals shown include goalpost guarantees.

Best 8’x4′ Football garden goal – £58.99  Click here

Best 6’x4′ Football garden goal – £49.99  Click here

Best 4’x3′ Football garden goal – £37.50  Click here

Best 12’x6′ Football garden goal – £74.99  Click here

Best 8’x6′ Football garden goal – £58.99  Click here

Best 12’x6′ Football garden goal – £159.66  Click here

Best 8’x4′ Aluminium Football garden goal – £224.99  Click here

Best 8’x6′ Aluminium Football garden goal – £229.99  Click here

Best 12’x6′ Aluminium Football garden goal – £299.99  Click here

Best 16’x7′ Aluminium Football garden goal – £439.99  Click here

Best World Cup Goals

Best World Cup Goals

Best World Cup Goals – Create the World Cup in Your Garden
World cup goals sizes 12’X6′ Goals, 8’X6′ Goals, 8’x4′ Goals, 6’x4′ Goals, 6’x4′ Goals.

If you are looking for strong garden football goals that will last and that are quick to assemble and easy to store after use then these are by far the best option. With Free carriage included you will find these goal prices very competitive. Most other suppliers  do not include the cost of carriage in the price they show and when carriage is added they often end up costing around the same or even more than our garden goals. Better quality longer lasting nets, specially strengthened goalpost connectors and an unmatched manufacturers warranty. Do not take our word for it see what customers say.

Read the fantastic customer goalpost reviews we have received over the last 30 years on www.soccertackle.com and our manufacturer’s web site www. itsagoal.net

Just a few reviews are outlined below the best World cup goals ideal for your garden.

best world cup goals size 8'x4'

The Best World Cup 8’x4′ Garden goal  – Click here for best goalpost prices.

Goalpost reviews CHRISTINE KIDD – UK  goalpost reviews
British Library Wetherby Thank you so much for your prompt and efficient service. Even though I did not order until late afternoon my order arrived the following day.

best 6'x4' world cup goals

The Best World Cup 6’x4′ Garden goal  – Click here for best goalpost prices.

Goalpost reviews – CHRIS SHORT UK goalpost reviews
These Football Goals are absolute quality. Strong and sturdy garden goals, they look professional, my son is really happy with these and so am I. Great customer service also from Georgina when dealing with my order and questions. Highly Recommended

The Best World Cup 4’x3′ Garden goal  – Click here for best goalpost prices.

Goalpost reviews SIMON BRADFORD  goalpost reviews
Garden Goal user:  Thanks for the Goal post!  It does look good set up in the garden and much more sturdy than the last two £19.99 ones that are now in a landfill!


For larger garden goals visit soccertackle.com, upvc and aluminium goals available in larger  12’x6′, 16’x7′ goal sizes.

“Imitation is the best form of flattery “

“Imitation is the best form of flattery ”

Way back in 1959 when the chairman of ITSA GOAL made the first mini soccer goal as a young ten-year-old boy he was not aware how that decision would go on to change football around the world. Many years later in1992 he went on to form ITSA GOAL and produced the very first plastic goal for children. At last easy to use lightweight and safe football goals were available for children and blazers for goal posts were no longer needed.
The small-sided game with proportional pitches and goals was born and in conjunction with the Football Association the game flourished and the rest is history.

From those early beginnings, a revolution in women’s football in the UK started as girls were introduced to the game at primary school which had never happened previously. It allowed many more young children to become involved and all the superstars of today started in the game by playing mini soccer. Smaller goals, proportional pitches fewer players more touches.

As the new game grew it was inevitable that the plastic goal post-market would expand and other brands would appear to take a slice of the new emerging market. The most successful being Samba Goals and recently Forza Goals. Many other poor quality copies also emerged from the Far East predominately for sale in online outlets like amazon Argos and Tesco as well as the large warehouse type stores.

The reviews speak for themselves on these products all of which are gathered by paid review companies. It still remains to this day if you want independent direct product reviews from users, if you want plastic goals with straight crossbars, if buyers want better longer lasting nets combined with a longer warranty then the original plastic ITSA GOAL posts are still regarded as offering the best value for money.

ITSA GOAL – Quality engineering Made in Sheffield the home of football

VISIT OUR ONLINE SUPPLIER  https://www.soccertackle.com


The Top 5 football goals for the garden

The Top 5 Football Goals for the Garden

Think before buying goalposts – it is a product from day one that is going to need to be robustly built to take the constant shots and rebounds – so the garden goal needs to be well built, if it takes a little longer to assemble this is not so important, what is important is that  it stays up after thousands of shots !   ideally, the goals should include a long Guarantee – only a company that is confident in its product will offer this.  When buying garden goalposts, it doesn’t always pay to go for the cheapest goal post; quality garden goals can last 10 years plus if maintained.  Buy from an established company that provides real football goal product reviews, not just customer service and delivery reviews, it’s the product you need to read about. Many companies incorporate paid review systems, this involves review companies chasing up reviews straight after the sale…so again the review tends to be regarding delivery and customer sales….the review must be about the goal product and how it works after some proper use, bear this in mind when reading paid for reviews.

A goalpost can last many years so it’s worth investing in the best you can afford.

12x6 garden goal

12’x6′ uPVC ITSA GOAL Garden Goalpost 5-stars
Supplied by Soccertackle.com
Sturdy specially strengthened corner bracket design and strong overall construction, with proper locking Net support stanchions and a fully locking goal. Arrowhead net fixings and ground frame net fixings. Top Quality nylon nets that will not rot. Easy step by step assembly instructions supplied. Ground anchors and safety ground pegs included. This goal is highlighted as one of the best garden goals because it includes a one section crossbar, this makes the crossbar straighter than other sectional crossbar goals and an overall sturdier garden goal.

16x7 garden goal

16’x7′ uPVC Goalpost 5-stars
Supplied by Soccertackle.com
Sturdy specially strengthened reinforced corner brackets and weatherproof.
Fully locking goal with locking net supports, quality nylon rot proof net, weatherproof, easy to assemble with step by step assembly instructions provided. Ground anchors are included. This goal has an optional tubular aluminum crossbar – This is highly recommended if the budget allows as this will prevent the unsightly dipping of crossbars as seen on other goal post makes; the current British Goalpost Safety Standard BS8462 does not allow any tolerance for a dipping crossbar so if the crossbar dips it will not conform. This goal is easy to store or bring out on matchdays…the sides can concertina in with nets left attached…so when you want to use the goals it is quick and easy to just fit the crossbar and the back bar and then clip the nets on.  There really is No faster goalpost assembly other than the ITSA GOAL folding aluminium goals but they are fully welded and more expensive. So this is a very competitive goal for such a large goalpost – Recommended for larger gardens or the equivalent ITSA GOAL 12×6 goalpost above.

6x4 goalposts

6’x4′ uPVC Garden Goalpost 5-stars
Supplied by Soccertackle.com
Strong strudy garden goal post design with locking Net supports, nylon rot proof net, weatherproof, easy to assemble, ground anchors included, proper roof to the net. Competitively priced.

8x6 garden goals

8’x6′ uPVC Garden Goalpost 5-stars
Supplied by Soccertackle.com
Stong sturdy goal post design with locking net supports. One of the most popular goalpost sizes being 6′ high. Top quality nylon rot proof net, weatherproof, easy to assemble, ground anchors included, proper roof to the net. Competitively priced Garden goal

12x6 garden goals

12’x6′ uPVC Garden Goalpost 5-stars
Supplied by Soccertackle.com
Strong sturdy goal post design with locking net supports. 12 x 6 One of the most popular goalpost sizes being 6′ high. This goal is very competitive for the size of the goal, the goal is for use on grass only and includes unique ground anchors that do not disturb the turf. Top quality nylon rot proof net, weatherproof, easy to assemble, ground anchors included, proper roof to the net.



We suggest avoiding flimsy metal goals.

Avoid heavy steel goals, potentially dangerous – not worth the risk with children!

Making sure your goalposts have locking net supports – it’s not ideal if every time your shot hits the back of the net, the net support comes apart!   So look out for goalposts that have net supports that just push in holes, makes sure they lock into the corner with a locking button.

Check product reviews,  make sure the reviews are about the product not the fast delivery…it’s the product you need to know about.

Buy from an established company that provides real football goal product reviews, not just customer service and delivery reviews.

Avoid bending net supports –  they bend and eventually crease.

Avoid dipping crossbar goals on 12×6 and 16×7 goals – instead of relying on potentially retouched goalpost photographs at the time of buying a goalpost online … take a look and see the goals in videos online, a quick search will reveal what the crossbars really look like. A goalpost looks much better when the crossbar is straight and ITSA GOAL offer the best one section crossbar versions. The current British Goalpost Safety Standard BS8462 does not allow any tolerance for a dipping crossbar so if the crossbar dips it will not conform.

Makes sure there is a long goalpost guarantee

Any report about goalposts that does not include the two leading brands ‘ITSA Goal’ & ‘Footie garden goals’ should be taken with a pinch of salt. Those judging garden goalposts claiming to be impartial should include the leading and top garden goal post brands. If any ‘TOP TEN GOALPOSTS FOR THE GARDEN’ review website does not include ITSA GOAL products it cannot be relied upon to be anything other than a sales tool that is misinforming buyers.ITSA GOAL was the inventor of the first plastic football goals and the only children’s football goals to be approved by the Football Association and FIFA back in 1992. ITSA GOAL has been making plastic goals for over thirty years, longer than any other manufacturer. The company is highly regarded throughout the footballing community and their products have never in all that time had a bad review. They’re recognized for offering better longer lasting quality nets, longer warranty and the best value for money so why are they not included?
Maybe these reports are not impartial as they state they are but a new fake news platform to sell poor quality products to unsuspecting buyers of garden football goals.

“They say imitation is the best form of flattery,”

How to Take a Penalty and Score

Footage captured by the Sky Sports high definition cameras, now installed at the back of football nets, have enabled Director of Sport & Exercise Sciences at Liverpool John Moores University, Professor Tim Cable, to study last season’s UEFA Champions League and this season’s Premier League penalties, to pinpoint the optimum technique for taking winning spot-kicks.

Professor Cable’s perfect penalty tips come following Arsenal’s dramatic penalty shoot-out win and are as follows:

* The ball needs to cross the goal line at exactly 0.5m below crossbar and 0.5m inside the post.

* The ball needs to be kicked at a speed greater than 65mph.

* This requires a run up of 5/6 steps.

* The striker needs to commence his run up from the edge of [b18 yard[/b] line with an angle of approach of 20-30 degrees to the ball.

A penalty strike following these guidelines – requiring extreme accuracy and speed – is, according to Professor Cable, a ‘high-risk strategy’ but ‘virtually unstoppable’ by a goalkeeper. With dedicated practice, it would ensure a 100% scoring rate.

To continue reading  the full information on how to take a penalty CLICK HERE