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Aluminum goal post net fixings - Twist & Lock (pack of forty)

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ITSA GOAL Aluminum goal post net fixings - Twist & Lock (pack of forty)

Twist and lock net fixings allow speedy net fixing and removal. These net fixings will fit  115mm x 100mm Oval aluminium Itsa Goal football posts.A  rod can be placed through the fixings to secure them  in place ,to prevent un-authorised removal, when  they are  left  in position on the uprights and crossbar. A  5mm small metal rod can be inserted horizontally through each net fixing so that  nets can not be removed. Please note there are different types of these design of net  fixings available to fit into slots on the back of aluminium goal posts. This particular fixing fits into a 7.9mm width groove for ITSA GOAL Posts. Only these fixings will fit into ITSA Goal posts. 
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